To keep myself going during a short hiatus, I figured I’d throw up an appreciation post for Garnet. The recent episode of the Steven Universe podcast surrounding Garnet made me want to delve more into Garnet here, as Rebecca and Ian explain so much about her character.


Giphy – TGON – Steven Universe – Cartoon Network

Firstly, I find it adorable that Garnet is a metaphor for Rebecca Sugar and Ian Jones-Quartey’s relationship. And Ruby and Sapphire are an adorable couple that makes up Garnet. I love that the reveal of Garnet being a fusion, with Ruby as the more impulsive one, and Sapphire being more level-headed.

My favorite moments with Ruby and Sapphire has to be when they flirted during the baseball game in the “Hit the Diamond” episode. It was hilarious to see how they both tried to stay focused on winning the game, but kept slipping up when Ruby would grab a flower for Sapphire, or coach Sapphire on how to hit the ball far enough to come back to the plate and see her girlfriend.

Garnet is, as Rebecca says, “a complex world going on”. The amount of responsibilites that she has to deal with since her future vision allows her to see so much. Garnet’s innate sense of certainty is something I admire, since I’m often wrapped up in my own head, trying to figure out what to do next, rather than staying present.

But I don’t believe I could maintain so stoic, and never ask questions in my life. There are far too much anxieties and fears that sometimes don’t have any answers. I just can’t stand so firm on everything in front of me.


Giphy – TGON – Steven Universe – Cartoon Network

I do love the joke about Garnet’s being unable to ask questions during the “Know Your Fusion” episode, when Sardonyx wonders, as Pearl, “Should we ask them what’s going on?” in reference to Smoky Quartz’s being nervous in front of Sardonxy, and Garnet simply replies, “I can’t.”

Garnet is able to be such a support system for Steven, and eventually for Connie, when the two discover they can fuse into Stevonnie. Because who can forget the time that she excitedly hugs Stevonnie, despite Pearl’s misgivings about the fusion. Amethyst was enthused but I believe Garnet even surpassed her happiness there. And Stevonnie is such a babe.

Garnet, being a gem and a fusion that Homeworld can’t accept, gives representation that I can understand, as a trans/non-binary individual. She’s unabashedly herself, even when she struggles to talk well with Mrs. Maheswaran over the phone, saying “they’re playing with swords…oh, they’re bleeding, bye.” I suck at talking to humans too.

I could gush about Garnet all day, but I’ll leave you with this: Garnet is love in real time. And she will always be stronger than you. You can be stronger than what you struggle with yourself, and embrace self-love, like Garnet has.