Hello, fellow Gothamites!
After a week of no Gotham, it was great to have another episode! It even was a very very good episode! We start with Bruce and Selena stealing from a thief, only for Bruce to dump most of the money. What Selena, of course, doesn’t like.


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After his escape out of Blackgate last episode, Jim finds shelter by Harvey. Jim is very determined to find the person who framed him for the murder of Officer Pinkney. They decide to break into the GCPD’s evidence room to find the tape with the person who reported that Jim had killed Galvan. To get the keys, Harvey uses all of his charms, of course, he is full of them and it works. Jim successfully breaks in and gets out. While walking in an alley he sees a woman getting harassed. Being Jim Gordon he can’t resist helping the woman. What nearly gets him caught by the GCPD.

Meanwhile, our poor Oswald is heartbroken by the dead of Elijah. He nearly gets kicked out of the house by Grace, but she makes up her mind scared that with a lawyer Oswald will get all of Elijah’s possessions. Only to make him their servant and planning to eventually kill him. While being their servant they don’t treat him nice, like to pretend to dislike his food (you liars, it’s probably better than you could ever do) and throwing food towards him. Such waste of good food.
Remember that Barbara woke up? According to her, she doesn’t feel insane anymore, just plain sad. And that all she needed was a good amount of sleep.  Hugo totally agrees and lets her free. Only miss Peabody is apparently the only sane person in Arkham.

With the tape, Jim goes to one of the few people he can trust: Nygma. All I can tell is that it is a very bad move from Jim. After cleaning the tapes, they hear a clock that happens to be in Nygma’s house. Jim finally figures out that it was Ed that set him up all this time. But Ed has an electrical chair (who doesn’t these days) and electrocutes him into unconsciousness. Jim gets away before Ed can take him to the woods. He ends up with Bruce and Selena with a bullet wound and the knowledge that Ed killed Kringle and set him up.


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While making Grace a cocktail and searching for cherries, Oswald finds the liquor that killed Elijah. He then tests it out on the dog. I was nearly in tears, Oswald can kill as many people as he wants, but you’re not getting away with killing  a dog.


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Jim wakes up in Wayne manor after Bruce called Alfred. The four of them (Selena, Bruce, Alfred and Jim) make up a plan to find Kringles body and to let Nygma lead them towards the place she’s buried. So Selena is the one privileged to deliver the news to the GCPD, where Ed begins to get paranoid again. He sets off towards where Kristen is laying and eventually he is arrested, where he tries to lie to them but they don’t buy that. Because he is sort of crazy/psycho he is escorted into Arkham.

After their adventure in getting Ed caught Selena wants to get back on the streets as soon as possible. Because Lucious Fox fixed Thomas Waynes computer Bruce decides to stay and find out what his dad was working on and what most likely got him and Martha killed. With advice from Alfred he leaves Selena out of this.

In the Dahl house, we get the crazy Penguin back after he first kills the children and then let Grace eat them, whom he kills afterwards.  I couldn’t help but smile during this scene because this is the Penguin I love! I mean nice Oswald is kind of nice, but crazy Penguin is much better. I guess Gotham slowly turns you in a psycho when you watch/obsess over it for too long.

Jim his name has been cleared and Barnes offers him his old job back, what Jim refuses. At least for now, because he wants to find Lee and solve the Wayne murder for good. After he tried to call Lee but stays silent, suddenly Barbara shows up on his doorstep.

This is it! So many awesome and exciting things happened this week! Hope you enjoyed my review and don’t forget to watch Gotham next week!