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Episode Synopsis:

Nervous about Ruth’s interview at a prestigious pre-school, Schmidt recruits Jess to help her prepare. Meanwhile, Nick procrastinates writing, and Winston prepares to confront his fear of testifying in court.



Yet again this week, one of our storylines has to do with Ruth. I’m not sure if I’m liking this, because we need to further other character’s storylines besides Schmidt and Cece’s. But anyways, this episode felt like it had a way different tone than the last two episodes; in which I’m saying that it wasn’t that laugh out loud funny, but more somber and little disturbing. There were a lot of wars going on between characters, such as Schmidt against Jess and Schmidt against Benjamin. Schmidt and Cece wanted Ruth to go to Lillypads preschool, but Jess thought that it wasn’t necessary. It kind of put into perspective, the craziness that is trying to get your child into a private school. It’s super competitive and at such a young age, they’re suppose to act like little adults. I was definitely on Jess’s side, and thought that Ruth should go to Triangles, even though it seemed like a dump. At least then, Ruth would grow up in an environment that allowed imagination and to learn a little more freely. Now what was super disturbing, was the interview scene. Things were going well, until Ruth decided to rebel and made all the kids rebel as well. I mean, good for them for going against the man, but when one of the kids threw a scissors at Benjamin’s face, and he was covered in blood, that really surprised me. That was slightly disturbing, being that the setting was at a preschool and it didn’t feel like it made sense to be in New Girl. All in all, I’m happy that in the end, Ruth decided that she wanted to go to Triangles.


In this storyline, I thought it was a lot funnier, but it did have its serious moments. I think this storyline really showed what great friends Winston and Nick are and how they’ve helped each other throughout the years. First of all, I was really excited to see that Nick was writing a story about his experiences in Chicago, because he’s a true Chicagoan, and he could really dig deep and write something that had a lot of heart. It was kind of weird that Nick paid someone to punch him in the face, if he didn’t finish his twenty pages, but I guess it did knock some sense into him. Also, I was really proud of Winston, because he’s now a detective and is really progressing in his field. He was always that person who couldn’t figure out what career path he should take, and I’m glad that he’s finally found the perfect match. We also got to see Winston and Nick give each other words of wisdom and saw that they would do anything to help each other out. Winston told Nick the harsh truth that he tends to be a procrastinator, which we have seen a lot throughout the seasons, but I think Nick has gotten better over time. And Nick helped Winston out a lot, by using his lawyer skills to help Winston practice testifying in court; which also gave us some incredible flashbacks to their college days, but also made Winston see that he’s really good at this job and he has nothing to be nervous about. This episode was just a nice showcase of how a friendship can last throughout the ages.