So it has been a big couple of weeks in the world of Doctor Who. Not only have we had the 53rd Anniversary on 23rd November (Has it really been a whole three years since Day of the Doctor?) but Power of the Daleks has been finally released on DVD and we have an official sneak peak of the new special, The Return of Doctor Mysterio.

Let’s start with Dr Mysterio. This year’s festive special involves a news reporter called Lucy, who seems to be taking the role of companion for this story. They both seem to be investigating “Brains with minds of their own” somewhere in America. Where according to the Doctor, it’ll never be believed. They’re also joined by Nardole, played by Matt Lucas reprising his role from The Wedding of River Song. The trio’s bickering is interrupted by a man with a gun. Whom the Doctor decides the easiest thing to do to stop him is to just turn his back, thinking that the man isn’t going to shoot anyone in the back even if they are intruders. But the man is stopped by a figure in a cape and a mask. Lucy refers to the Super Masked Vigilante as “The Ghost”. A bulletproof man who can destroy bulletproof glass by clicking his fingers. Oh and can fly in through a 100th floor window.

In the last couple of weeks we have also had an absolute Classic Doctor Who tale returned to us. Not quite in the sense that everyone would hope, however the fully animated Power of the Daleks is a sight to behold.

Power was the inspiration behind the season five episode Victory of the Daleks, except the concept is carried out without the need to put Spitfires into space. The Daleks are trying to regain their numbers by pretending to not being the genocidal killing machines that we and the Doctor know and love. And while this is all going on, the Doctor is having to convince his companions Ben and Polly – as well as the entire nation – that he really is the Doctor after they’ve just witness him regenerate.

The first post-regeneration story and one that many Doctor Who fans would love to see return in its original form. However this six part animated version is brilliantly done and has returned this story in visual glory after so many years of being just a narrated audio.

Check out this awesome behind the scenes video:

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