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This is a bittersweet moment. This is the last Arrow panel I will be covering, as this is the last panel. Arrow is ending with season 8. The show to kick off the Arrowverse is hanging its quiver and you know what, that’s okay let them rest.

The Arrow panel kicked off at 6:30 pst on Saturday, July 20th.  The panel opened with Stephen Amell, Rick Gonzalez, and David Ramsay on stage with more to follow.

As always awesome stuff went down and let’s kick this recap off with the season 8 trailer.

Hot damn! What a trailer? There wasn’t much knew stuff in that but boy am excited.
Tommy and Adrian Chase are back! Season 8 is going to be crazy and it all kicks off October 15th.
According to showrunner Beth Schwartz and Marc Guggenheim, Tommy and Adrian Chase are not the same characters we’ve seen before. Hmm, could this be some multiverse hijinks.
 The panel opens with Guggenheim, longtime producer and previous showrunner explaining the logistical reasons for ending the show that then transitions to him praising Stephen Amell and his work ethic. That in turn kicks off fellow cast members also praising him.


This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone but Stephen Amell is a really good guy. Take this for example:
Sarah, the world’s biggest Arrow fan and SDCC veteran was back at the panel this year and Stephen Amell was once again a good dude.
Sarah is given her very own green hood, I assume screen worn.

Stephen’s a great guy but so are David (Diggle) and Katie (Laurel,) they get some praise and they all really should. What a great cast for a great show, seriously. I’m gonna miss ’em, I loved Katie since she was Ruby on Supernatural. 

Some Diggle news, adult Diggle Jr. has been cast, Charlie Barnett. Guggenheim teases that people will be surprised by the character because he wears a very specific costume no one is expecting—for some reason I’m guessing it’s a Deathstroke or Deadshot costume, just a guess, no idea why I’m thinking it.

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Photo Source: IMDb/Netflix’s Russian Doll

More praise for Stephen, seriously this was a love fest. Real bittersweet, can’t wait to see what he does next.

Next up some crossover talk. Brandon Routh steps out but he isn’t playing Ray Palmer. He’s playing Superman. Kingdom Come Superman. This crossover is going to be insane. Brandon Routh back in the tights and cape.


Photo Source: Arrow Writers Room twitter @arrowwriters

Some Q&A and then the panel ends. Honestly it seems like this panel didn’t have much new news but instead was just a celebration of the cast and show, which is what it should be.

That’s all until Arrow premieres October 15th at 8 pm on the CW, see you then quiver heads.