“Letters to Lars” has to be one of my favorite episode of Steven Universe, out of the group recently released.

Lars gets a letter that pops through his head as he ruminates over the progress they’ve made in space.


giphy – TGON – Steven Universe – Cartoon Network

Sadie is busy with her band, but it was absolutely funny when Ronaldo doesn’t believe Steven about Lars being in space. It’s sweet of him to worry about his friend, being in danger battling aliens. His concern almost lands until he wishes he were the one who was in space.

Bill Dewey is equally bummed about the Big Donut still being closed. I guess since Garnet was working through for about an hour, there’s been no one to work there. I just wish Bill Dewey would work at the Big Donut. It should have happened sooner than it did.

Mayor Nanefua is taking charge so well, running through who takes care of rations, plan, communications and lookout in case of a Gem-related emergency.

Sadie Killer and the Suspects’ awesome show in Beach City is set to be terrifying. The effects will be so great, but poor Bill Dewey just wanted to help.

Jaime the mailman and the Beach City Laughguards were the best part of the episode. The improv made by a few words offered by the audience, oftentimes only Steven and Pearl, was so cute. The arguement between Amethyst and Jaime over her use of shapeshifting was made even better by Pearl’s vicious critique of Jaime. It seems his trying to created a plunger with his hands only looking like a skinny subway sandwich to her.

Tennis between Garnet and Greg is fantastic. Gone are the days where Greg doesn’t workout, as Greg Universe tried rich people sports.


giphy – TGON – Steven Universe – Cartoon Network

When Greg implores Garnet to slow things down, going for a lighter volley instead. “This is light. Being rich has made you weak.” I can’t get over the way Garnet is able to be brutally honest while also being nice. And I definitely wouldn’t want to play tennis with Garnet. I’d probably be more worn out than Greg running after each terrifyingly fast volley she’d hit my way.

The fact that Steven cared enough about Lars to update him on the Underground Beach City wrestling stats was great. Plus, the sequences of matches between the Good Looking gang, the Marmalade boys, and Concrete Heat v. the Wolf of Wallstreet, made me yearn for the days that Amethyst and Steven tag teamed in their wrestling matches.

Peedee Fryman’s tater tot truck was great. It seems even when offered Steven’s offered tater tots, he still wants to bits. And the fact that a giant tater tot was created by painting over Dewey’s face in the former Mayor mobile was fitting. Poor Bill Dewey heard everything, but it seems like he’s everywhere, even as he’s depressed about losing his job as Mayor.

Mayor Dewey working at the Big Donut was fitting. And the names he came up with about Bill Dewey were hilarious. The creation of a donut for Lars actually made me cry, as Bill Dewey and Steven delivered some pink donuts with pink frosting and sprinkles to Lar Barriga’s parents.

All of this was perfectly ended when Lars revealed Steven had been leaning through his hair the whole time reading the letter. The joke about Lars not knowing Peridot was cute, because they haven’t in fact met yet. I hope the space captain gets to meet the cute and lovable Peridot soon.

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