Then we have gullible and emotional Lucy. Ahhhh Lucy, you get on my nerves. Does she really believe that she can overcome Lord Fallon’s antics? Why, yes! Yes she does. However, Lucy sneaks off to seek her sister’s advice but of course she doesn’t get a chance to ask because of Lydia and Lord Fallon, who runs after his prey and brings her back to his side and further traps her. But before Charlotte reruns to her prison, Rassales runs inside and tells Charlotte some more dirt on the nobles, she then sends him to her mother. But not before one of Quigley’s girls rats her out, at one point does those against her catch a break? Since Quigley has so many minions she gets all there really isn’t anything she doesn’t know. But she passes the information to Fallon and basically tells him to clean up his little mess and a chase ensues. When he catches up to Rassales, he is telling Amelia what has happen and Amelia sees Fallon trying to stab him and jumps in the way of his knife. Fallon leaves her in the street to die and Rassales flees in fear of his life. Lydia wins again. How arrogant is he? He just knew she would die and goes on about his day as if she was no more than a bug to be stepped on.

However, before all this Amelia was trying to get Violet to run away with her. Not sure what the point of their relationship is, if they are going to have them end like that. Seems to me to be a waste of screen time. Just end it already, it seem Violet has found her morals I guess. And Mrs Scanwell is not about to let her defile her daughter. She even takes the time to tell her how much she disapproves of their relationship no matter how hard they try and hide it. But it seems to me that no one care. So, now they war has been temporarily forgotten and everyone is not sure where to turn or what to do because well lets face it Dame Death has everyone under her control. Except Mrs May, whom we haven’t seen since the first couple of episodes. And what is this secret that she has on Lady Fitz? They just choose to not reveal it at the moment I guess, yet Lydia never misses a moment to use that tidbit of information against her. What we know so far is that Blyne has an unnatural attraction to his sister. He is too controlling of her, he wants to make sure that he is aware of her every move. There is more to it than the fact that she made Charlotte promise to stay away from him. Hmmmm?

I really don’t understand the need to keep showing the kidnapped girl or making her have such a significant role in making Charlotte feel like crap. She tried and failed to free the girl and while the girl may not know it, what is the point of continuing to show her. Dragging right along….Lord Fallon is trying to make a run for it, go figure. Gullible Lucy, who believes everyone but her family, goes right along with it. But not before trying to save her sister albeit without a lot of conviction. Maggie is trying to help her so is William and Nancy. They can see him for what he is and even Nancy is warning her against him. But does she listen. NOPE! And whats more she has told Lord Fallon about stabbing Sir George. Does this chick have any loyalty to her family. The devastation in Maggie’s face is evident. Lucy of course doesn’t realize what it is she has done or does she. Aristocrats are pretty much untouchable so Lord Fallon fears nothing. But for a commoner it means automatic death without a trial. So what does Fallon do, uses the information to his advantage, well duh. So goes my question of whether or not he really does love her.

Cherry has basically killed all hopes of capturing Quigley. She tells her of Maggie’s plan to bring her down and Quigley loses it. But in doing so Cherry’s cover is blown too. Quigley attacks Charlotte, who fights back and ends up choking the life out of her while Cherry goes to inform Charles. But it is Maggie who stops her from taking her life. It is Maggie who apologizes to Charlotte for turning her into a harlot. And it is Maggie who saves their relationship for all the good it will do. They are at rock bottom at this point and there is nowhere for them to turn and no one to speak against Quigley. Boring! Quigley keeps winning.

William and Nancy manage to convince Lucy to come home. And all she does is defend Fallon and try to get them to be loyal to him stating that he can help them. Which she is so dumb she doesn’t know any better despite what people have told her. Maggie knows the consequences of her actions, especially since Fallon threatened her. And she takes off on the pretense of going to see about Amelia. And Lucy runs back to Fallon. And Maggie has spilled the beans but incriminating herself only to try and bring Fallon down. Maggie is then arrested but this time it is not a job that Hunt is looking forward to doing….

Will Maggie lose her life? What will her family do?