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Ok, I think Blackish is back, no more cheap episodes. 53% of relationships don’t survive a funk. And Dre and Bow are in their worse one yet. It starts with Devante not walking yet and he’s one. And Dre is worried but Bow kinda brushes it aside and says his worries are unfounded so to speak. So, acknowledging that they are in a funk they decide to go to couples therapy.

Dre and Bow end up bickering in front of the therapist and she suggests that they take some time out for each other. Agreeing with the therapist, they decide on a date for Thursday. Which, doesn’t go as planned, they end up bickering at the table. They make up and try and schedule a night for sex. That also doesn’t go as planned and one wrong move ends that. They begin to argue and Devante cries and they both go see about him.

They continue to fuss on the way to the baby’s room and after sitting Devante on the floor he gets up and walks to Dre. Que the sweet music and it seems everything is peachy. Both, on a high from Devante finally walking, Bow admits that she was a little worried and Dre is hurt and amazed. This is where it begins to get good for me.

You assume, because we’ll it’s tv they talk it out and they make up and everything is good until next week. Not this time. I can clearly feel exactly where Dre is coming from and I understand Bow’s point of view as well. But, here is where I feel she was wrong, she should have expressed her feelings about their child. Instead she was feeling the exact same way and brushed his feelings off as him being over dramatic. And he is, and I agree with her to an extent. She already knows how he is, they’ve been married for years, but it’s almost like she was telling him she didn’t want to hear it. Then going in the bathroom and worrying at night all alone, but she chose that. She left him alone in that. He may be over dramatic but she looks down on him, maybe because she’s a doctor, but doctors don’t know everything and a parent’s intuition can sometimes be more accurate.

And, the best part it was left like that. The space between them in bed got a little wider. Realization for both have set in and maybe the person they married is not who they thought they were. And they are questioning every single minute of their relationship together. I am excited for next week. We are ready on the 20th episode so season finale is coming soon. I am intrigued to know which direction they will chose to go in. Can Dre and Bow survive this funk?