The Catch – “The Hammer”


Things will never be easy for Alice and Ben. Our star-crossed lovers of “The Catch” have faced many an obstacle toward being together (his conning her, her trying to catch him, the incessant lying) but their inability to just TALK it out maybe the greatest. ’ The Hammer’ highlighted fundamental cracks in their relationship but also the fact that they work better as a team than individuals.

With Margot Bishop in the P.I. firm’s office requesting assistance with anaassassination attempt, is it any wonder Val and Alice lead with guns first, ask questions second? After the initial shock, they do find that a $500,000 retainer leads them to overlook it’s MARGOT that’s hired them as a client. It’s a delicate, dangerous situation…but nothing that $500k can’t fix.


While the ladies run a plan of attack to catch Margot’s would-be assassin, Ben and Rhys get their first assignment from Agent Justine Diaz (potential money laundering in a Michelin starred sushi restaurant). They plan an elaborate con while Agent Diaz has a simpler plan: they’ll be exterminator. Ben and Rhys are highly offended and proceed to do their own thing. The bait: Ben is a world-renowned food critic, Rhys (and surprised Agent Diaz) are a husband/wife duo with a passion for sashimi. Ben’s rapport with chef Kenji leads to the laundering secret: thousands of loose diamonds stored in the bellies of sushi-grade tuna. Ben loosely warns Kenji and sets up the chef returning to Osaka. Agent Diaz is NOT well pleased.


Val and Alice continue their investigation into Margot’s attempted murder. The ballistics they pull manage a mercenary nicknamed ‘The Hammer.’ Formulating a plan, the women pull questions confusing “who is it” in a downtown plaza.  The Hammer-on a rooftop with a long-range scope and rifle-shoots at Sophie, Alice and Margot. Alice gets a bead on his location and manages to subdue him. Alive. Margot gets her guy and hires him for herself.

On the home front, Alice’s deadbeat brother Tommy is still trying to access his grubby hands on that dirty $3MM. The team finds out the Southland cartel owns the bank account and the funds. Tommy then goes behind Alice’s back to get help pulling the money and disappearing…from Rhys. Awkward.


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