Since the introduction of Time Travel, the writes have been very cautious as to how they go about employing it; the consequences are real and Earth-shattering, and Barry can rarely pinpoint exactly HOW he did it. This episode marked the beginning of a new use for Time-Travel. Also, Timelines are getting tricky.

Barry, failing in his quest for speed, travels backwards to the day they apprehended the Pied Piper, to ask Harrison Wells (Reverse Flash) for advice. This ends in Future-Barry sedating Past-Barry and he ultimately doesn’t fool Wells. This results in an intense confrontation between the two speedsters, and in Future-Barry exposing his identity to Team Flash.



Barry’s character changes drastically in the presence of Wells, his Soon-To-Be/Previous (I told you Timelines are weird) betrayer. This reminds us that although Barry is lighthearted and easy going, he also has incredible capacity to hate, which could take the show down dark alleys.

This episode also introduces the Timewraiths, who patrol the Timestream looking for people who abuse it, and terminate them. Hilarity, of course, ensues when Cisco points out what the audience has been thinking: Timewraiths look exactly like Dementors. More importantly, however, the Timewraiths are a loose cannon. Fans don’t know what they are or how to stop them. They definitely aren’t from the comics, which gives the wroters more freedom with how they use them; the Timewraiths are a force fans need to watch out for in later episodes.

Ultimately, through uncharacteristic blackmail, deceit, and bad decisions, Barry returns to his own time with Wells’ speed formula. He finds that his meddling was not without consequence, however minor, as the final scene reveals Hartley Rathaway is now a force for good; fans are left wondering what other changes have resulted from Barry’s field trip.

Article Submitted by Rachel Hill