I realize that many others may have covered this episode by now, but none will have done so with my spin on it.  That’s not a pat on the back, it’s just an observation.

Both the primary and secondary plots in this episode are pretty darn great!  The first storyline centers around Bob and Linda doing a double date with another couple who’s just the worst!  The woman is frustrated with her husband with all of his stress, as well as his need for a therapy dog.  And her husband is in need of a therapy animal for, well, something stupid.

They both have their weird traditions and rituals that Bob and Linda can’t get behind, such as ordering food and sharing it with the rest of the table.

They also love escape rooms and manage to rope Bob and Linda into going to one.

Unfortunately, while there, Linda sends a very rude text to the woman their with instead of Tina.  Obviously, tensions are high, and being locked in a fake jail cell doesn’t help matters.  And Neither does the rat in the vents.

Meanwhile, Gene and Louise find a horror movie in their parent’s closet that Bob insists they cannot watch, so of course they must.  They invite a few friends over and traumatize them for life.  Speaking of trauma for life, Tina decides the only way to break everyone out of their fear-induced catatonia is to show them a tape of herself doing something so embarrassing, she attempted to eat it earlier to keep it out of anyone’s hands.

Eventually, the Belcher parents return from their awful experience, vowing never to speak to that couple again, and do not discover that the movie has been watched.  However, all three of the children are still frightened enough to want to sleep in their bed.  So it shouldn’t be long before the truth comes out.