Photo Source: Fox // Brooklyn Nine Nine


We’ve all dealt with them before…Pyramid Schemes. They’re everywhere and super hard to avoid. A lot of the time they’re selling really interesting stuff and you think maybe just maybe I’ll get it and it will change my life JUST like this salesperson is telling me. We can’t listen to them though–they’ll gouge us of all of our money! This exact thing happened Jake and Boyle last week on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. So they decided to take on the “evil” cooperation–which is basically a cult. Scary as hell. Unfortunately, the head of Nutriboom is really good at covering her shady tracks and intimidating anyone who wants to get in her way. Jake vows to take Nutriboom down by any means necessary, forgoing even getting his $10,000 of honeymoon money back. This leads Jake and Amy to being targets of Nutriboom stalkers and intimidators from now on…it’s safe to say this Nutriboom storyline isn’t over yet!

Speaking of Amy, she had her first day as Sergeant of the uniformed cops of the 99. She was anxious (in a both nervous and excited way) in that typical Amy fashion, but she wasn’t expecting to have to manage her OWN Amy! One of her officers is literally a male version of her: eager, constantly throwing out ideas, and a bit of a suck-up. She didn’t know how to handle him so she asked her “old” colleagues how they handled her. Nothing worked until Holt ensured her that an Amy is a resource…she should be thankful and use him in anyway she can. Aww…that’s the best compliment Holt could ever give Amy.


Photo Source: Fox // Brooklyn Nine Nine


Nasim Pedrad guest starred as Jake’s crazy half-sister, Kate, who was visiting from Dallas. She’s a pretty complicated person, but the best thing I could use to describe her is that she keeps a bag of glass in her pocket so she can always eat out for free. Yeah. Pretty bad. So Jake and Amy try to get rid of her by inviting her ex-boyfriend up to New York to win her back, but he was more of a freak than her, which led to a blow up between Jake and Kurt (the BF), then Jake and Kate, because she found out Jake was trying to get rid of her. This led her to leave in a fit, and at first Jake was okay with that…until he realized that he was being just like his father and he needs to treat his family better than that. In the end, they were able to put differences aside (because Kate has a lot of enemies and Jake can stand up to them for her).

Back at the precinct, Boyle taught Terry some yoga and he injured all of the muscles in his body….and then got stuck overnight in Scully and Hitchcock’s private, soundproof nap room. Honestly, this was a ridiculous subplot because Terry did warrior pose for five seconds…he wouldn’t really have injured himself.

Also, Gina set up Rosa on a blind date and I was underwhelmed because I kept expecting Gina Rodriguez to show up (she’s guest starring as Rosa’s GF at some point) BUT SHE DIDN’T.

In summary: ‘Nutriboom’ was entertaining, the beginning of ‘DFW’ was hilarious (Backstreet Boys!), but the rest of it was pretty meh.