Photo Source: The CW // Jane The Virgin

Jane The Virgin loves a good time jump. They’ve done many throughout the series and they did another pretty significant one last week. Thankfully so, because they skipped us through a pretty difficult time for a couple of reasons:

1. Xiomara’s chemotherapy: While she started strong and positive (with a cold cap to keep her hair), nine weeks of chemo wore her do n immensely. We’ve never seen Xo so weak and helpless. And, to make matters worse, her best friend in chemo, Donna, lost her battle after being being in the safe(r) zone for several years. Xiomara realized her positive attitude was not truly positive, because she was avoiding the very real fact that cancer is a part of her life now—and it probably always will be. Even if she goes into remission, it could reoccur. This storyline is so heartbreaking…and Andrea Navedo’s performance is phenomenal; she does a beautiful job of portraying Xo’s subdued now, but forever fierce spirit.

2. Trouble in Paradise: Rafael flipped on Alba when he saw her spank Mateo, and she flipped right back. This sent the (former) besties into a deep rift—so bad that Rafael didn’t even want to come to the Villanueva house because of the way Alba began to treat him. This put a strain on Jane and Rafael’s relationship. Between the difficult financial burdens, book schedules, hotel building, and tension, the two never got to spend time together. Until, eventually, Rafael decided to take the time share realtor job so he, Jane, and Mateo could finally afford an apartment. Once again, Jafael faces adversity and emerges stronger…but are they being set up to fail? The finale promo doesn’t look so good for our favorite couple.

Oh that’s not your favorite couple? Your favorite couple is Petra and JR? I don’t blame you—they’re adorable. And a minor hiccup (JR questioning Petra’s innocence after hearing Magda testify), only brought the two closer together. JR actually got Petra’s case dismissed with prejudice by coming forward about the blackmail—which in turn, got her disbarred. Yeah. She did that for Petra. These two are the real thing.

3. Things were not going well between Rogelio and River Fields. She steamrolled all of his telenovela roots because they were too cheesy, so The Passions of Steve and Brenda lost all of its dramatic flair. Just when it seemed like all hope may be lost for Rogelio, River accidentally got high off of one of River’s pot brownies and binged a bunch of telenovelas with Xiomara. Now, she gets the appeal, so maybe Rogelio will get to keep the essence of his show in tact!

Speaking of Rogelio, he’s developed into such a wonderful, layered character. He takes care of Xiomara and has completely put his needs aside—a far cry from the Rogelio of the past.

Be sure to catch the Season 4 finale—as we all know, they’re always a big twist!