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Photo Source: HBO/  Bob Mahoney

Written by Richard Price
Directed by Andrew Bernstein

Despite being on mandatory leave, Ralph continues to scrutinize the confounding circumstances surrounding the night of the murder. Frustrated by their lack of progress, Ralph and GBI detective Yunis Sablo meet with Alec and Howie, who suggest bringing in unorthodox PI Holly Gibney. Jack has a hair-raising experience at a remote barn where key evidence and a mysterious substance have been found. Glory deals with fallout at her daughters’ school and with Jessa’s increasingly concerning nightmares. – HBO

Remember that white goop in the barn last week. Well, it’s Jack Hoskins’s job to go pick it up as it was identified as Terry Maitland’s clothes. As you’d expect from Hoskins being the grumpy guy he is, he wasn’t too happy about having to drive an hour to go pick up. So, to cool down beforehand he grabs a few beers at Claude’s strip club. When he does show up at the barn darkness has fallen and all the other cops have left. It’s creepy and eerie but Jack is too drunk to care and walks into the barn to pick up the evidence. Inside, he senses a presence and is touched by something. Over the next couple of days, he develops burn like welts on the back of his neck and he acts crazier than usual begging someone who isn’t there for it to stop.

Meanwhile, Ralph goes to Howie and Alec with all the information he has learned about the van and the Maitlands’ family trip to Dayton. Alec recommends they hire Holly Gibney, a rather eccentric but brilliant private investigator. After meeting with Ralph and Alec, Holly agrees to accept the job. She is tasked with investigating Terry’s visit to his father’s nursing home. Holly goes there and attempts to speak to Terry’s father. The nurse working the counter doesn’t let her in and tells her she is sick of reporters bothering Mr. Maitland having mistaken Holly for a reporter. She tells Holly the only way she is speaking to him is with Terry. They have no idea about Terry’s fate. Holly learns that the reporters have been hanging around because a male nurse was convicted of murdering two young girls around the time of Terry’s visit. The nurse in question is shown in prison committing suicide to avoid being killed by another inmate. I’m noticing a trend here, do you?

Also, Glory calls Ralph back over the house because Jessa has a message from the bad man she’s been speaking to at night: “Stop, or something bad will happen.” It’s interesting to note that she mentions the man no longer looks like her father but instead is all “inky.”

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