Alrighty folks! As we get nearer to the season finale of this first season, it seems like the writers of Young Sheldon are going for a more emotional theme to keep everyone wanting more.

Cosmo vs Comics

This episode opens with Missy reading a magazine which delights Mary…until Missy says that it’s Cosmopolotin: A magazine for the modern woman. Mary snatches the magazine away, appalled that her young daughter was reading an article about how to turn a guy on, which spurs Missy to claim that Sheldon brings the same filth into their house. Disbelieving, Mary riffles through one of Sheldon’s comics and sees that it indeed is full of violence and nudity.

Mama bear Mary makes another appearance and takes off for the comic book store. The whole store hears her anger as she chews out the owner who sold Sheldon the inappropriate comics.  Sheldon, who had been spending the afternoon with Tam there, is incredibly embarrassed that his mother is making such a scene and insists that he’s old enough to make decisions like choosing which books to read.

Sheldon, The Adult

Sheldon is not happy then when he walks into his mom getting rid of all his comic books. There’s a perfect moment when Mary yells that even Caspar the Ghost comics have to go because ghosts are sacrilegious and then Sheldon thumps the bible into her box because of all the violence in the holy book. When he stands firm, Mary decides if he wants to make all the adult decisions than he can, and doesn’t make him dinner.

YS college counselor

Image Source: SpoilerTV Promotional Episode Photos

In the next couple days, Sheldon doesn’t get tucked in, makes his own school lunch and even decides its time he goes to college. To do this, he needs to make money though, cause while he’d most likely get a scholarship to Harvard, he still needs money for the little things like his application fees.

He hits up Radio Shack and asks for a job. Their policy strictly forbids them hiring kids even though he is well versed in the technical language of computers and everything else they sell there. He goes to Meemaw and asks to do some more chores and reluctantly accepts gardening duty.

Storm Warning

While Sheldon begins his new job as Meemaw’s gardener, Missy is at home watching TV. With a big roll of her eyes, she complains that she just wants to watch Daffy Duck but she keeps getting interrupted by an emergency warning. Mary races over and sees that it’s a serious warning for a tornado that is about to blow through town.

She scrambles to get to Sheldon and the rest of her family to safety. Sheldon does not heed his mother’s warning at first (and even Meemaw says the storm warning nothing to be worried about), until an alarm sounds. They rush to get back into their house. They barricade themselves in the bathroom, hoping and praying that the tornado would skirt their neighborhood. And thankfully it does.

There’s a precious moment the next morning when the family sees the aftermath of the tornado. Meemaw, George, and Georgie go to check on Meemaw’s house. Sheldon calls for Mary’s attention and gives her a hug, placing him back in his rightful place as her little boy. And Missy reminds us that this is a comedy, by commenting on her massive bathroom break.

This episode took a more serious (and emotional) edge than I expected. It was a nice change that I honestly have been worried that wouldn’t commit to!