This episode of Blackish was unique because the first 20 minutes showed the Johnson family playing a board game. The board game of choice was Monopoly, or “Black Monopoly” as they called it since they added some amendments to the rules. One being that if Dre flips over the game board, he owes each person $100.

They play in twos and since Zoey is at college Junior partners up with his girlfriend, that Bow isn’t too crazy about.

Dre takes things too far when he kicks Bow off his team by “selling” her to Jack and Diane. Needless to say Bow isn’t thrilled and we start to see how ruthless Dre can get in a competition. He starts doing better now that he’s playing by himself. He lets his good fortune go to his head and starts trash talking everyone, including Jack who he refers to as “dumb baby”.

The tables turn when the other players help out Jack, Diane, and Bow. They give them their railroad properties so Dre will owe them more money. When Dre realizes he doesn’t have enough money to pay them, he not only flips the game board over, but tears it in half. The family rejoices in the fact that he now owes them each $100.

Dre apologizes to Bow for taking things too far during the game and acting like he would be better off without her. He also acknowledges that he does need her and wouldn’t be able to run the house without her.

Bow agrees that she needs him too, because one day Junior will leave her and she’ll be left alone. This statement proves that Bow is definitely not over the fact that Junior has a girlfriend and I’m sure there are more storylines involving the subject matter in store for her.

The episode ends with the family on there way to go trick-or-treating. Before leaving the house Dre pays each family member the $100 he owes them.

Can we talk about the cuteness that is Devante? Look how he’s grabbing Junior’s finger! He also kept staring up at the lights in this scene which I thought was adorable as well, which proves I literally am amused with everything this kid does.

One of the most important elements about this episode is that it didn’t involve Zoey. It will be interesting to see how much we will see of her in Black-ish now that it’s been announced she will be getting her own spin-off, Grown-ish on Freeform, premiering Janurary 3, 2018. I’m sure we’ll get an episode of Black-ish showing Zoey’s life on campus and introducing some of the characters. I’m looking forward to seeing how the dynamic of the Johnson family will change now that Zoey is at college. Will Junior become more of a leader? Will Diane get Zoey’s room? We’ll have to wait and see.

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