If you are expecting Handmaid’s Tale to take a breath when we return to Gilead in season two, then you haven’t been paying attention. The second season picks up right where we left off, with June facing the consequences for making some big choices, namely refusing to stone a fellow Handmaiden to death last season.

Season two will be expanding in more ways than one: both opening up the world of Gilead, including showing the Colonies, addressing some of the discussions of race and diversity that season one sparked, and expanding the role and world of the Aunts and Martha, with Aunt Lydia (the amazing Ann Dowd) in particular:

“Aunt Lydia is one of my most fascinating characters,” series creator Bruce Miller told New York Times. “We would like to explore her back story, and what the lives of the aunts are like. The networks between the Marthas. What is the commander doing all day long, and what is his life like? What are his responsibilities?”

Joining the cast of season one are Bradley Whitford as Commander Joseph Lawrence, Sydney Sweeney as a teenage girl with ambitions of marrying a Commander, Cherry Jones as Offred’s mother, Clea Duvall as Ofglen’s wife, Slyvia, and Oscar winner Marisa Tomei.

Check out the trailer below: