We open to Katy mailing in her Parson’s application. She wanted so much to share this moment with her mom and K.O. but that is impossible. Jorge, Katy, Pepper, and Josie all celebrate at Molly’s bar. The rest of the squad wants Katy to go get laid.

While at Molly’s, Jorge sees Deveraux and goes on alert. When she comes and talks to him, she lets him know about the pageant coming to Molly’s and that she will be the winner, thus taking over Thursday’s and Ginger’s spot. As Jorge tells his mom, she tells him she is going to help him win the pageant.

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Katy is up with Gloria because the Prince and his girlfriend are back at Lacy’s. They are doing an engagement photoshoot. There is a slight snag. Prince Eroll and his fiancee are having a bit of a problem agreeing. Gloria charges Katy with fixing things between them.

Josie is nervous. Her EP is ready and there is an upcoming listening party. Josie’s mom is planning on being in attendance and Josie is nervous. Plus the whole deal with Mr. Cabot still doesn’t sit well with Josie. She struggles on whether or not to tell Alexander. Jorge is rehearsing with the other queens and is still having a feud with Deveraux. Katy sees K.O. with Alexandria. Alexandria brings Josie’s contract to Alexander and now he knows what the contract entailed. Katy gives her number to the photographer.

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Alexander is not happy with Josie. He walked out of the listening party. The listening party was a success. Josie’s mother even threatens Mr. Cabot. Katy meets the photographer at the listening party and even gets her first kiss from someone besides K.O. It was the worst kiss ever. Unexpectedly Prince Eroll shows up at her door.

They have a great conversation. They find they have things in common. Then Ginger comes out. Katy and Ginger ask him to come to the drag pageant. We get a look into Josie’s past. She has an alcoholic father. Her mother is worried that the relationship between Josie and Alexander will be like hers and her father’s. Francois is at the drag pageant all done up in drag which made me ridiculously happy. When Ginger runs off the stage, she finds that Deveraux has cut up her dress. Prince Eroll really is a prince of a guy. Ginger is a Fierce, Fierce Queen! Even with Deveraux messing with her, she is a star. Katy and the Prince wind down the night with drinks.

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Does Ginger win? No matter what I think she was the best. Did Katy fix things with Prince Eroll and his fiancee? Does Katy get laid? All in all, this was a good episode. It was touching and funny. What do you think of the show so far? Let me know in the comments below. Til next week…