This post contains major spoilers for episode 1×12 of Black Lightning: “The Resurrection and the Light: The Book of Pain.”

Tobias Whale is finally back! After being barbecued by Black Lightning a few episodes back, Tobias is now healed from his wounds and Martin Procter is there to make sure Tobias knows just how important he is to his whole operation in Freeland. Martin Procter talks to Tobias about using the original serum to make the citizens of Freeland docile, but in-turn it turned them into meta-humans. However, the subjects started dying before they were fully operational. The ASA then came up with Green Light as an enhanced version of the original vaccine, but the results haven’t been what they were hoping. Black Lightning is one of the original subjects given the meta-human drug but for some reason he’s the only one who survived and Martin Procter wants Black Lightning, for studying purposes. He tells Tobias to bring him back alive. Before Tobias leaves, Martin brings back Tobias’ reclamation project, Khalil, this time with a fully working spine and dreads.

At the substitute Pierce home, Lynn calls Jefferson to tell him he needs to come home right now, however, this is just a ploy from Lynn to have some sexy time with Jefferson as she’s been feeling closer to him since Jennifer and Anissa’s powers manifested. They choose to keep their blossoming relationship from the kids until they are sure this is want they want.

Driving to school in the morning, a skeptical Jefferson see’s Khalil walking down the street, and he immediately stops to talk to him. Jefferson assumes Khalil will be coming back to school, but Khalil is…different now. Jefferson asks him about the operation he had because he knows Khalil’s family doesn’t have the money to pay for the kind of surgery Khalil needed. Jefferson believes someone is taking advantage of him though, which turns out to be true.

Jefferson goes to Gambi to inform him about Khalil. Gambi thinks that this has Procter written all over it. Gambi decides to give the weapons maker another visit, since he believes this will lead him to Procter. He tells Black Lightning and Thunder to lay low.

Jennifer is at her mom’s facility being experimented on because Jennifer doesn’t want super powers anymore. Lynn tells her before they can take it away, she first has to suppress the meta-human gene in her DNA. Jennifer thanks her mom for being an extremely smart woman.

Jefferson goes to Khalil’s mom’s house to talk to her about Khalil. The lady is surprised to see Jefferson and tells him that she hasn’t heard or seen Khalil since he went to California months ago. Khalil’s mother gives Jefferson the name and number of the guy in charge of helping Khalil get surgery.

Gambi breaks into Tommy’s (The Weapon-Maker), he wants to know how to find Procter. Although torturing is not Gambi’s strong suit, he pledges to find Tommy’s enemies who would torture him much worse then he ever could. Tommy agrees to help.

Jefferson talks with Jennifer to tell her about Khalil, however he tells her to stay away from him, which will obviously make Jennifer want to go to him more. Jennifer lets it slip that her mother is working on fixing her, this makes Jefferson very angry at Lynn. As Jefferson leaves the room, Jennifer gets a text from Khalil and she goes to his house while Jefferson yells at Lynn for not talking to him about it first. Jefferson is glad they didn’t tell the kids that they are getting back together.

Jennifer meets Khalil on the roof and at first she is really glad to see him. Khalil feels really bad about how things ended with Jennifer and wants her back. Khalil shows her his new spine which begins to turn Jennifer off and remember what her dad said to her about him. He also tells her that he took pills for regeneration which made his hair grow really fast (hence Khalil’s dreads). Khalil tries to kiss her but Jennifer is weird about it. Jenn tries to change the subject to the surgery, but Khalil thinks she sounds like her dad and gets mad. He was trying to get back together with her but now she’s not worth it, Khalil jumps off the roof and leaves.

Khalil goes to Tobias and Tobias gives Khalil a new mission. He wants Khalil to go to Garfield High and draw Black Lightning out. Tobias knows there’s a part of Khalil that wants his old life back, but everything (including Jennifer) is in the past now since he made a deal with Tobias.

LaLa is grilling one of his drug dealers about lowering morale and putting a guy on the corner who look’s messed up when he gets a call. The man on the phone says “The Devil deals the cards,” which makes LaLa forget what he’s doing and leave the room without finishing his sentence. LaLa then goes to Tommy’s to kill him.

Lynn bakes Jennifer her cake and asks her if she told her dad about what they were doing, she said yeah. Lynn tells Jennifer that there’s nothing wrong with her and that she’s only looking into this to understand it and give her options, and it’s not a given that she could actually fix her.

Anissa and Jefferson all meet at Gambi’s and after doing some research Anissa realizes that she may be able to find the missing pods by tracking the electrical spikes in the facilities they’ve been kept. Gambi then intercepts a signal from Garfield High asking for a SWAT team to come as Khalil begins shooting up the school with tranq darts. Jennifer tries to talk Khalil down but he tells her “this is me now,” she can’t stop him.

Meanwhile, Syonide (Tobias’ hench-woman) is holding up a class and waiting for Thunder, and as she arrives, she lets the students go. Syonide starts shooting at Thunder but the bullets just ricochet off of her.  Thunder does a ground stop which initially knocks Syonide down before they engage in hand to hand combat while Jennifer watches from outside the classroom as she tries to fire up her powers. Thunder eventually knocks Syonide through the door with a thunder-clap.

Simultaneously, Tobias and Black Lightning finally have their moment in the hall-way. Black Lightning fires a bolt at Tobias but it has no effect since Tobias is wearing some sort of resistant material in his under-suit. Gambi warns Black Lightning not to engage Tobias in hand to hand combat because tactically, it makes no sense. Black Lightning knocks down Tobias but Tobias came prepared and brought help in Khalil. Khalil shoots Black Lightning with a dart that cuts off his powers while Tobias comes from behind and grabs him. Khalil then punches Jefferson right in the chest which kills him which makes Tobias angry because they needed to keep him alive. Before Tobias can unmask Black Lightning, Thunder saves the day with another thunder clap. Jennifer then comes to her dads aid and in a moment of pain she resuscitates her father just enough using her powers.

The Pierce family and Gambi rush back to the substitute house to give medical attention to Jefferson and cloak their location so they can’t be found by the ASA and Tobias.

Kara gives the news to Procter that Black Lightning is dead and that they found another meta-human, which is Thunder. Procter says that they cannot fail and that he wants Black Lightning’s body, dead or alive and that he wants Thunder too.

Tobias brings LaLa in and calls him by his real name, LaTavious which makes him mad and then LaLa draws his gun on Tobias when Tobias says the magic words, “The Devil deals the cards.” Now that he’s under Tobias’ control, LaLa will do anything he’s told even though you can visually see LaLa trying to hide the tears and breakthrough the spell. Tobias tells him that once Procter is gone, they will be the one’s running the table. End.


As we gear up for the finale next week, Black Lightning does a great job of setting up which hopefully should be a killer end to an awesome first season. While Tobias has been gone for the last few weeks, we now know what his master plan is in terms of what he’s trying to accomplish with LaLa, take over the entire operation. That’s a lot of power for a man like Tobias, it will be interesting to see what Team Black Lightning will do with Tobias if they can get to him in the finale.

Jennifer still hasn’t accepted her powers yet, which is kind of a bummer. During the fight at Garfield High I was expecting Jennifer to break down the door and fight side by side with her sister, but that never happened. Jennifer did however save Jefferson at the end of the episode with her powers, so hopefully this will kick-start something inside of her just like Jefferson’s heart.

While Khalil’s new dreads did go a long way into changing his image and making him look like an acceptable bad guy, there was just something really off about them. It’s such a minuscule detail in a show that does a lot right, but I couldn’t stop looking at them, they were just weird.

The lead up to the fights between Tobias and Black Lightning, and Thunder and Syonide was epic. I was so ready for Black Lightning to finish off Tobias but that will have to be postponed till next week when Black Lightning is a little more focused and has enough backup to take down Tobias’ crew.

See you next week for the finale of Black Lightning!