*Spoiler warning for The Big Bang Theory, season 12, episode 4.

Raj, Howard, and Tam on The Big Bang Theory

Raj, Howard, and Tam on The Big Bang Theory. Photo courtesy of CBS, screenshot by Linda Maleh.

This week The Big Bang Theory threw fans a bone, and crossed over with its spinoff show, Young Sheldon – well, sort of. In Young Sheldon, Sheldon has a best friend named Tam as he goes through high school. In this episode of Big Bang, an all-grown-up Tam looks to reconnect with Sheldon as he shows his son around Cal Tech. The writers turn a potential plot-hole, the fact that Tam has never once been mentioned in all twelve seasons of Big Bang, and turn it into story fodder. When each character asks Sheldon why he has never mentioned his childhood best friend to them, he answers vaguely that Tam betrayed him, and that Tam “knows what he did.” Even on Sheldon’s online “enemies list”, with an updated interface, there still isn’t any more information.

As it turns out, Tam does not know what he did, as Raj, Howard, and Leonard find out when they confront him about it. In true Sheldon fashion, the drama is all in his head. At Leonard’s urging, as the current best friend, Sheldon finally reveals that when he decided to leave home and go to college at a young age, Tam was supposed to come with him and be his roommate. This idea must’ve been of great comfort to Sheldon, and so he was devastated when Tam decided to stay behind in Texas. So, while Sheldon has been furious about it all these years, Tam just thought they drifted apart and was unaware that anything was seriously wrong.

Tam and Sheldon finally have a heart to heart about it where Sheldon reveals his in insecurities, and Tam admits that he stayed behind to be with his girlfriend, and that he knew Sheldon would be fine. The two make up, and are friends again, so hopefully we’ll get more visits from Tam in the future (although there’s not much time considering this is the last season, and Tam lives all the way in Texas).

Meanwhile, the women of the show have their own plot line going on. Penny and Bernadette decide to find out more about Raj’s arranged fiance, Anu, and take her out for dinner. What we’ve learned? Anu is amazing and way too good for Raj, she fits right in with Penny and Bernadette, and Raj should probably stop his friends from telling Anu all of the embarrassing things about him before they say, “I do.” It’s still unclear if this arranged marriage is going to stick, but I’m liking Anu more and more.