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Black Panther Edition

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Ahh…Black Panther. I had wanted to do a fan art feature earlier, but decided to give more time for more artists to get their works posted. I couldn’t wait any longer though, too much love for this film. With Black Panther recently surpassing Titanic in domestic sales I figured it was finally time to showcase this brilliant work of art of a movie and the amazing works of art inspired by it.

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Now, T’Challa made his initial debut into the Avengers movie universe in Captain America: Civil War but the film didn’t give much on his background at the time. Black Panther was the solution to that dilemma, and it not only delivered on a great origin story but put a big spotlight on many issues that are relevant in the world today as well. As much as I knew Killmonger was the bad guy, I couldn’t help but find myself rooting for him since he was actually fighting for a relevant and meaningful cause (even if he was going about it in a villainous way).

I don’t want to spoil it though for those who may not have seen it yet (but seriously…go see it!), so lets get straight into the art!

1. Black Panther by DiegoYapurBlack Panther by DiegoYapur

2. Black Panther by Hitotsumami (colors) an Pendecon (inks)Black Panther by Hitotsumami

3. Black Panther by AnokaxlegolasBlack Panther by anokaxlegolas

4. Black Panther by ArtofCarmenBlack Panther by artofcarmen

5. Black Panther by ChrissieZulloBlack Panther by ChrissieZullo

6. Shuri and Black Panther by PeyoberryShuri and Black Panther by peyoberry

7. Black Panther by TheGameWorldBlack Panther by thegameworld

8. Nakia and Shuri – Black Panther by EddieHollyNakia and Shuri - Black Panther by EddieHolly

9. Killmonger by thesimplylexiKillmonger by thesimplyLexi

10. Wakanda Forever by nominee84Wakanda Forever by nominee84


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