Anita at work

Image Source: stourangeau at DeviantArt

At the opening of the book Anita is in a meeting with a couple, Barbara and Steve Brown. They want their dead son raised as a zombie to ask him some questions. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem. However, the son Stevie was murdered. To raise a zombie that was murdered is unsafe. Zombies who were murdered are violent and go after their murderer until that person is dead. She is given the grim task of explaining this to the Brown’s. They finally back down after Anita agrees to assist the police in the investigation into Stevie’s murder.

Anita is also doing her best to help Jean-Claude with vampire politics. There is a challenge from the Dragon and her children that must be addressed, plus another from Primo. In doing so Anita and Jean-Claude uncover that the vampires are oathed to Malcolm, he is the leader of the Church of Eternal Life aka the Vampire Church, are not blood oathed. To be blood oathed means that you have drunk your Master’s blood and now answer to his/her call and must obey their commands. Malcolm is forfeiting this important part of being a Master. Normally two master vampires do not share a city but the Church is thought of as its own entity so the vampire counsel does not see it as a threat and allows the church to operate unchecked. The problem with having no blood oath is the vampires are allowed to operate unchecked and without accountability. This MUST be resolved.

Also ongoing is Anita’s personal life problems. She is up to her eyeballs with men problems. Nathaniel wants a real relationship with Anita and she is having a hard time letting that happen. His idea of sex (BDSM) is so far removed from her own it’s like apples and oranges. The relationship with Richard is still as baffling as ever. Anita and Richard go back and forth between love and hate constantly. They aren’t together anymore but they still must come together because they are a part of a threesome with Jean-Claude. The aurdeur is still complicating Anita’s personal life as well. She is able to feed of lust at a distance but hasn’t mastered it so she must feed off of up close and personal sex. Plus there is Micha to consider. Damian is also causing problems because he is struggling with being her vampire servant. There is the desire to touch and be intimate but neither of them particularly wants to be sexual with each other.

To go along with all this Anita must also assist in solving a serial vampire murder that focuses on strip club workers and patrons. Yippee.  Let me know what you think of the book below. I look forward to hearing from you!