So this weeks episode takes us to the past, Athena’s past to be exact. No edge of your seats emergencies this week. No whining Buck or Mad Maddie. Who I guess is in therapy this whole episode. Anyways, we learn about a relation that Athena had 30 years ago. She was married to a cop and he was killed while going to the store. They were engaged to be married but he was killed before they could walk down the aisle and his murder was never solved. Fast forward 30 years, Athena investigates the murder, finds the killer, and arrests him. That was pretty much the entire episode with a couple flashbacks as fillers.

It is not that I didn’t like the episode it is just that once again this story line could have been used in so many other ways. It could have went on for a couple episodes too. Was the traffic stop with her family the lead in? I really don’t know since Emmett was killed trying to prevent a robbery. But just like Athena does, she crosses lines and takes charge of the situation and she isn’t even a detective. Are they going to make her a detective or keep her as a sergeant because we have already had that conversation and she turned down the job. And even then it wasn’t detective work.

I also don’t like how she treats Bobby like her little do right boy. Is he just supposed to disregard everything she does just because she is Athena? I mean I get it, she was dealing with some demons of her own and the only way to make it right is to solve his murder and arrest the man herself. To the point that her family has to conduct and intervention?  But what was it for, just to tell her it was ok? What was the point of her not speaking about it for 30 years? I just don’t get what that is about. Then after everything is said and done her actions go unpunished or maybe they won’t. Who knows because the episode ended soon after the murder was solved. So yeah, Athena dealt with some very emotional situations, but there has got to be more to her story than the death of her fiance 30 years ago. d