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The Big Bang Theory – S11E18 – “The Gates Excitation” Review

Episode Review for The Big Bang Theory S11E18.

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How was your holidays?

Happy Easter to you all. I hope you enjoyed the long weekend, chilled and some of you enjoyed Netflix-ing! 😀 (Cause I did!)

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This episode features, as the title suggests, Mr. Bill Gates as a guest appearance and it gets very humorous to see Sheldon’s reactions on Leonard meeting him.

Sheldon was under the impression that Penny was joking about meeting Mr. Gates on the following Monday. He thought she was going to make him a fool on the 1st of April. The catch was, Penny was actually going to meet him!

It has nothing more to it other than that.

. . . and yeah, Bernadette is worth watching, too! (But, nothing extra-ordinary.)

Watch it, if you already haven’t. No hard and fast. Bill Gates appears for no more than 10 seconds in total. So, it’s only worth it if you are a huge fan of him being on-screen.

Catch you guys later with that note! Cya. .

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