The Arrow team took the week off, I am not sure if they worked this out with the criminals before hand but they got some time to spend with family, or spend in rehab if you are Deputy Mayor Lance.

By the time you see this this will be in the midst of a huge crossover event. The CW is having a 4 day DC Crossover with Supergirl on Monday at 8 pm. Tuesday is The Flash at 8 pm, Wednesday as you all know is Arrow at 8 pm. Lastly The Legends of Tomorrow airs on Thursday at 8 pm. I hope you are ready for this.

I admit myself I have not watched Supergirl, I have wanted to since it joined CW, I know that last year on another network it didn’t have a continuous story line. This is a great way to get more people to watch shows. It is how it got me to originally watch The Flash. I always watched the Arrow and missed Flash until they had a crossover event with Boomerang if I recall. With both of those I was very interested in Legends of Tomorrow.

So clear your TV schedules, make sure your on demand is ready if you haven’t recorded all the shows so you know what’s happening(just reminded myself, let me record Supergirl). We tend to watch Wrestling on Monday.

So what is happening that is so big? An alien invasion known as the Dominators will make their way to Earth, which needs the team up with Supergirl making her way over from Earth-1 somehow.

What do the Dominators want? They want to destroy the metahumans of Earth before they get to be to big of a threat to the Dominators. Being we don’t know how they will be in the TV universe a quick synopsis from the comic history for the Dominators from Wikipedia states, “They are highly technologically advanced, and live in a rigid hierarchical society…..They are master geneticists.” You can tell their standing in the group based on a red dot on their head. Not a whole lot to go on but you know they have to be a handful for this event.


Photo Credit: DC Comics

Looks like I’m having nightmares tonight. The comic picture doesn’t make them seem physically dangerous but they have a mental toughness look about them.

Last reminder this is a 4 night crossover event.