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The Walking Dead the way we grew to love, is finally getting it’s core back together. Let’s hug it out! The 90 minute mid-season finale of The Walking Dead had so much going on I had to watch it 3 times to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

The Walking Dead viewership was taking a real beating this season after episode one. Episode one had huge viewership with the massive cliff hanger and hype. You lost some viewers of course who might not have watched the show before, sad about lost characters, or found the show to gruesome from what they wanted. However the numbers kept dropping little by little, still smashing numbers that other networks would love, but a noticeable decline and this episode had pressure to build the interest back or fear losing in more viewers from the extended break.

I’m here to tell you they did pass that test for me, for the most part. As this episode we will jump around the time line, but I’ll try to keep things all together for you by story lines.

Carol is still trying to suck at life by herself outside the Kingdom. Morgan tries to quietly leave some supplies and head on his way, respecting her request for privacy but also wanting to make sure she is taken care of, she spots Morgan and calls him inside. She says she has enough supplies, as it looks like Ezekiel has also made some visits, when Morgan was going to leave one of Ezekiel’s guards was going to visit Carol but wanted to talk to both of them anyways. He told them that he thinks it’s time to attack the Saviors and end them before they end up going back on a deal and destroying the Kingdom. Carol wants no part of any of it.

Rick and Aaron pick up close to where they left off getting supplies from an unknown person who seemed very well prepared. Their was a boat in the middle of a moat, with a ton of dead floating walkers and submerged in the water walkers all over the place. The two had to first use a bullet ridden fishing boat to get to the kayak to get to the boat. During the transition Aaron got pulled in, but was able to dive and swim onto the boat. On the boat their was a ton of supplies, everything you could think of except bullets, in one of the containers was a note that said, “even when you win you lose,” which comes to play later a couple times. When they get the boat back to shore and loading up in the distance you see a pair of boots with wire wrapped around the top holding them in place. Is this what the note meant? Was it in elaborate trap? After the episode ended, credits rolled, and the second half preview rolled we had another bonus scene. We saw whoever this person was, who seemed light skinned from the hands and forehead, holding binoculars watching Father Gabriel on guard duty at Alexandria. Perhaps this was what the note meant, it was a trap so this person or group could follow people back to their homes.

Maggie is keeping things together and becoming really strong, she is adapting herself to the Hilltop and getting to know the people there. People are slowly rallying behind her and thankful for what she did when the Saviors played the walker games on them. Gregory is intimidated and trying to knock Maggie down a bit but Maggie is seeing right through it.  Later on Sasha comes in with a pie that someone made as a thank you, and a young girl said Maggie should run for President of Hilltop. Maggie wanted to give a few more items to Jesus before his run but Sasha lied to Maggie and said he left this morning when he left yesterday. Maggie exits on a milk run and Enid calls out Sasha on her lie. Saying she has talked to people too and knows that Jesus left and wants to know why, Sasha said it’s to protect Maggie because she would want to help too. Enid replies that she wants to kill the Saviors right, she starts to say what if they had help, that she isn’t the only one who wants too do it, but Sasha starts to diffuse that saying she thinks that she is. I was really hoping Enid would be able to open up more, either to tell Sasha about the Kingdom, or perhaps give some more insight on where exactly she comes from.

Jesus helps Daryl escape by giving him a key last episode, Daryl slowly makes his way out of the building, stops for some peanut butter and new clothes, when he makes it to his bike he happens to run into Fat Joey. Joey says that he is trying trying to make it like everyone else, and he can walk right out that door he is supposed to be covering and won’t say a thing. Daryl beats him to death with a pipe as Jesus comes over to talk to Daryl, Daryl notices a gun on Joey and takes that as they leave.

Michonne who captured someone at gunpoint last episode requesting that she be led to Negan finally arrives outside of a presumed outpost. The lady says that Negan is down there, where you see a slew of people buildings, vehicles, etc. Michonne asks if he is down there, and the lady replies that yes, they are all Negan, she is Negan. She says that their is still time for her to go. Their is a silencer in the glove compartment, and she needs to bury this vehicle, or drive it in a lake, get rid of all evidence of this vehicle and go back before it’s to late. Michonne realizes she is outnumbered kills the lady and heads back to Alexandria.

Spencer, oh Spencer, with his loot from his solo scouting trip, and obviously not knowing that the Saviors were there he was caught a little off guard, one of Negan’s guards saw how bloody and beat up he was and said that they see how hard he had to work for that and they appreciate it, extending his hand out for a handshake. One of the female guards took a fancy to Spencer and said if he plays his cards right he might see where they lay their head, and she might even buy him a sandwich. She asked if haircut likes to watch, referring to Eugene who initially said, “yes” which was hilarious. She told him to move along. Spencer later thought he was making progress with the Saviors and felt that if he tried to play politics like his mother he might be able to earn some trust so they can make a move months of years down the road. He takes some alcohol and goes to meet and talk with Negan, who later take the pool table out of the garage into the street. Spencer tries to tell Negan that Rick can’t be trusted and to put him in charge. Negan says that Rick is actually out getting things for him right now and Spencer has no guts waiting for Rick to be gone to scurry over and ask him to do his dirty work. Negan slashes his guts out in front of everyone and says, “oh look at that, you do have guts after all, I have never been so wrong in my life.” Not at all upset about this death.

Rosita, oh Rosita, she has taken a horrible spiral, she is on a path of self destruction after having Eugene make her one bullet. She says that Negan has to die and she will shoot him knowing she will likely die after that. She is talking to Father Gabriel, who is awesome these days if you missed that memo, she says that essentially all these others can fight because they are strong or have someone to count on but her. Father Gabriel tells her that everyone else needs her, she is part of the together that it will take to fight and win against the Saviors. So we fast forward to Spencer playing pool with Negan, and right after he gets sliced, Rosita pulls out her gun and shoots it directed toward Negan as we hit a commercial. At the same time leading up to this at the gate, Rick and Aaron return to find the Saviors, Rick asks where Negan is, the henchmen start unloading the truck and find the note that the survivalist had in the tote. They thought it was a dig at them so they beat Aaron to an absolute pulp. Rick hears the gun shot and has an extreme look on his face and heads further into town.

Rosita ends up shooting Lucille, she doesn’t get the job done against Negan, and he is absolutely pissed that Lucille has been hit. One of Negan’s female soldiers gets on top of Rosita with a knife and asks where she got the bullet as it was hand made. She says it was her, Negan doesn’t believe it so she cuts a scar in Rosita’s face. He asks again and she said it was me, so the soldier gets to kill someone and turns around and kills Denise!

Rick returns to find out what the heck was going on, Negan informs Rick of what he has missed, that Carl is a bad ass and hid in a truck to his compound to kill some of his men. What Spencer tried to do and why he killed him, how Rosita tried to shoot him point blank and missed and Denise died because of it. He even told Rick that he brought spaghetti Tuesday’s back in so many words. But Rick was still upset, he must be over spaghetti.

Negan said he wont leave until he finds the bullet maker. Rosita tries to say it was her, Tara says it was her. Eugene hiding his face behind his hands says it was him, and Negan wasn’t sure until Eugene started spouting off specifics and he said he believes him. Negan says that he is reliving Rick of his bullet maker, and all the supplies today is not good enough because he is in a big hole after today.

Michonne makes her return that night and talks to Rick, telling him what she saw, and all the reasons that they have to fight. Rick says he understands and agrees now and he is ready to fight. A group heads to the Hilltop to talk to Maggie. It is a very sweet reunion, human tears may or may not have been shed. Maggie, Enid and Sasha were there, as Rick, Michonne, Carl, Rosita,  and Tara made their way. They happened to see Jesus and Daryl as well. It was great to see everyone getting back together, Rick told Maggie she was right all along that they had to fight. After the Daryl and Rick embrace at the top Daryl gave Rick his gun back, which shows that it really is game on


This is all of the yes! So happy to see this. Photo Credit: The Walking Dead/AMC

In some scenes for the upcoming season we see a lot happening of course, but one thing jumped out at me most. What in the world is this?


The Walking Dead will return Sunday February 12th! Photo Credit: The Walking Dead/AMC