Fear the Walking Dead got right into the mid season finale before I was ready with San Diego Comic Con. I don’t really know what to say about it though, I like the show, I have enjoyed the direction of it the last season, but this season has been off the rails, and it has continued that the past two episodes of this season.

With Fear the Walking Dead to return in just three weeks, lets recap what has been going on. Morgan catches up to and helps save Strand and Charlie with the plane parts and got them out of the contaminated area.

Alicia tracked down and found the kids home base, and took some time to try to get to them emotionally, finally she was able to convince them to come back but she had to stay behind and fight off walkers so the kids could get back. Alicia got some walker blood on her from a radioactive walker, which we have been led to believe is an instant game over.

John and Dwight are still out and about looking for Sherry. While Strand, Charlie and the kids all arrive at the truck stop.

The kids help clear a runway so the plane can take off. Alicia, Morgan and Grace come together to try to deflect walkers but power plant goes off so they have to head to the plane.

Dwight and John are still out of range and for awhile it was unsure if they were going to make it back in time. John at one point told June to leave him and promise to find a reason to live if he couldn’t get back in time.


Daniel comes back to see his cat. Photo Credit: Van Redin/AMC

Daniel returns to help light up a landing strip for the gang. Everyone makes it back to plane and is able to land without any injuries.

Layton is actually being strong armed by a group of people to find a cache of gas. Layton goes to talk to everyone to say that they should help him or others will find it first, and they need to find gas to be able to help others in the future. It seems to setup a lot of things going forward for the second half.