The show took a thanksgiving break last week so to fill the void while we wait for tonight’s episode, here’s a handy list of the best original songs from this season so far!

I thought it would be hard to pick a favorite because all of the musical numbers so far have been ~incredible~ but Donna Lynne Champlin as a princess singing about period cramps in Maybe This Dream immediately dethroned everyone else.

Check out the rest below, or you can watch all the videos from the entire series in a row with Rachel Bloom’s Youtube playlist 

2. The Math Of Love Triangles

This is the kind of song that will get stuck in your head for a week after you hear it, or even after you just type the title & get distracted by Rachel’s fabulous Marylin Monroe impression, the professors genuinely concerned about her math skills, and the incredible amount of triangle puns!

3. It Was A Shit Show

#Grexit still hurts & I don’t really want to talk about. I’ll just be here sobbing at this video forever. (Santino got to sing a love-type song while cursing and making his adorable faces and I love it so much please come back @ Greg!)

4. We Tapped That Ass

Polterguys Josh & Greg got to haunt Rebecca together as they did a tap number about all the times they’ve tapped her. The special cameo from the vegan taco festival guy really brings this song full circle.

5. Thought Bubbles

Josh does not know how to be alone and he can not seem to keep the bad thoughts out of his head in this Jack Johnson-esque song. Featuring cartoon cameos by Edgar Allan Poe & the First Dog, Bo; this song lets Vincent Rodriguez III show off his incredible musical range and turns a seemingly happy melody into a dark AF song!

Honorable mention to the “I Could If I Wanted To” reprise in which Greg punches a wall, as well as “Period Sex” which I hope we get to hear in full one day!

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