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We start off this week with Two-Bits, the now reformed drug-dealer selling DVD’s when he sees one of Jefferson’s students buying Green Light from a dealer. Moments later Two-Bits watches the girl take the drug when suddenly she starts glowing with fire. Seconds later two men kidnap the young girl and put her in a van.

Meanwhile, Thunder is checking out a facility holding meta-humans in stasis with information from Gambi. When Thunder realizes what is going on with the bodies she comes close to losing her anger but before she can break open one of the tanks, she restrains herself. The intro this week was the best use of music so far in any episode, it had me on the edge of my seat. Anissa then goes to Jefferson to tell him about the metas she found. Jefferson then realizes that those metas are the metas that were taken 30 years ago.

LaLa meanwhile is talking to another ghost, this time its his cousin Will whom he killed at the beginning of the season. Will asks LaLa what he’s going to when Tobias gets back (Please Come Back Tobias, Please) anyways LaLa says he’ll kill him. The dealers selling for LaLa think he’s tripping because people don’t want to buy his product they want to buy Green Light now. After one of the guys comes at LaLa, he rips his ear off and shoots him, meanwhile the drug dealers are like okay boss we’ll do exactly what you want now. The dealers leave and then Will transforms back into the tattoo on his body. This is now the third tattoo on LaLa of someone he killed.

Thunder and Black Lightning head to the warehouse holding all the metas but when they get there all the metas are gone. Thunder swears they were there but Black Lightning figures that they knew they were coming. Before they leave ASA lackeys attack Thunder & Black Lightning. Using some new moves they’ve been working on and Black Lightning’s light shield the team of Thunder & Black Lightning impressively take the lackeys down.

Later, when they get home, Anissa informs Jefferson that Gambi was the one who put her on the mission and fed her the information to find these people. Jefferson is still pissed at Gambi and even know Anissa can sympathize with Gambi’s motivations and naiveté working with the ASA as a younger man, Jefferson tells Anissa that there’s just some things you cant forgive.

Two-Bit comes to Jefferson’s house to tell him about the incident he witnessed the other night with the girl from Jefferson’s school taking Green Light and emitting fire. Jefferson makes Jennifer stay home from school, which is normally the opposite thing a parent would do, according to Jennifer. While at home Jennifer is still feeling reluctant about her powers. Anissa calls her out from quitting everything from track to her ex-boyfriend Khalil. This makes Jennifer angry and all of sudden she fires up and burns one of the pillows on the couch.

LaLa is talking to his drug supplier. LaLa wants millions of dollars of drugs up front because he doesn’t have the cash now, but the man tells him he doesn’t think he can sell it because all Freeland wants is Green Light. LaLa and the man make a deal and LaLa uses his mom as collateral to make the deal go through. The man recognizes that LaLa has a purpose after coming back from the dead.

Jefferson goes to Lynn’s lab to talk with her. Lynn asks Jeff to go to Gambi for help but he refuses.  Jeff tells her that he’ll uses his electric current power to find the missing metas. Lynn didn’t know that Jefferson had that power and realizes that Jefferson can “undress her” with that power which he does flirtingly.

The ASA comes for Gambi. Gambi turns the guns on Martin Procter but he tells him if he shoots they will kill innocent people, eventually Gambi surrenders and the guys beat him till he’s bloody. The ASA saw the video of Thunder and Black Lightning breaking into the facility and they want Black Lightning’s name, he wont budge though.

Anissa told Jefferson about her and Jennifer’s little spat earlier with Anissa calling her out for being a quitter. Jeff goes to Jennifer to talk to her about living the life she wants to live but ultimately there’s only one thing she needs to do, learn how to control her powers.

Black Lightning finds Two-Bit to set him on a better path. While he does that a woman living on the second story of the building they are in front of starts throwing kitchen appliances at Black Lightning’s head for “supposedly” killing Lady Eve. While surveying over the Freeland drug scene, his electrical current power goes out.

Selling drugs on the corner, Malik, the little boy who shot Anissa and Jennifer with red paint for LaLa all the way back in episode 2, is met by Jefferson. Jefferson wants to help the boy get off the streets and come to his school for mentoring but the boy doesn’t want to. Jefferson tells him to come still and that he’ll be there regardless if he says yes or no.

Lynn is doing scans of both Anissa and Jennifer. Lynn realizes that Jennifer’s scans are way different then Jefferson’s and Anissa’s. Lynn eventually realizes that Jennifer’s body is actually a generator of pure energy.

At the school Jefferson nervously waits for Malik to come, which he eventually does. Jefferson tells him about mantra’s and repeating the same encouraging thoughts over and over to become successful. Malik apologizes to Jeff for shooting the red dye at his daughters. He accepts the apology before 2 men come and tell Jefferson to come with them if he wants to see Gambi again. The men take Jefferson to the place Gambi is being held. They ask Gambi one more time who Black Lightning is, he again doesn’t tell them. The men pull the gun on Jefferson and before they can shoot him Jefferson uses his powers to make the lights flicker which creates a distraction for Gambi to disarm one of the men and take his gun before shooting both guards.

Jefferson takes Gambi back to Gambi’s. Gambi tells Jeff that it’s all happening again, kids being taken by the ASA. Gambi tells Jeff in order to find where the metas are going he needs to find the spotter, the guy that held the same role as Gambi did back in the day. He says its somebody well embedded in the community.

Afterwards Jefferson takes his family to a safe-house which turns out being his child-hood home his father was murdered in. Jefferson finally spills that he’s had this place for many years and that it’s in someone else’s name so nobody can tie him to it.

Finally, Martin Procter is talking to an unknown person while walking amongst the metas in their hibernation chambers. While talking to the spotter we find out that the person in charge of Gambi’s old position is none other than Kara, Jefferson’s assistant at the school. Martin tells her that Jefferson is Black Lightning and Kara vows to bring him down. End.


While not the main theme of Black Lightning, a recurring theme that’s popped up everywhere throughout the 1st season has been resurrection. While the name of the first episode was “The Resurrection,” I’m starting to realize that resurrection plays a big role in the story so far. Whether it’s Jefferson’s resurrected superhero career or Tobias Whale’s resurrection, the impending resurrection of the kidnapped metas or now LaLa’s resurrection with the souls of the people he killed, I have a feeling were going to see more of the same throughout the last 3 episodes.

Talk about a shocker, Kara being the spotter at the end of the end of the episode was a nice twist, we’ve been waiting for her story to progress for a while, its finally time.

The intro to this episode was literally my favorite thing from Black Lightning all season. The music, the feel, the anticipation, then Thunder breaking through the fence with her powers, amazing!

Speaking of Thunder, I love the character and love the design of the suit, however the suit seems a little stiff and uncomfortable in some of the action shots.

No Tobias (don’t say Church from season 5 Arrow) Whale for the 3rd straight episode. I’m really missing my boy TW.

Also, no big showdown at the end of the episode this week. This was the most un-formulaic episode of Black Lightning so far, but it still delivered in many ways.

Where’s Grace Choi? I’m starting to wonder where she’s going to come in during the last 3 episodes.