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OK, black*ish is reaching here with the last couple episodes. It seems to me they are running out of topics. I did not enjoy this episode too much. It was sort of a history lesson on black culture and Dre and Bow’s white relative’s debate on who has had more of a struggle. Now, mind you this is Easter, not like Thanksgiving or something like. Slavery vs the Holocaust, meh!

Bow takes over Easter, her and Dre swap holidays to invite their families too. Long story short, he says Bow hijacked his holiday this year because last year she was having Devante and almost died. Much to his dismay, he gives in. But, he doesn’t do so quietly. Constantly making snide comments and trying to drop knowledge so to speak. While this is going on little side battles are commencing between the white and the black relatives. If you haven’t noticed, this is going to be a rather short review.

Ruby is giving Gary the 3rd degree about his sweet potato pie, the kids are fighting over how much freedom their parents allow, and Dre and Gwen just nitpicking about everything. The origin of the beets shuts everyone up and of course, Dre makes its a black and white thing and the history of soul food. I’m thinking I thought this was an Easter episode. Would have been more fun to have Dre dress up in some crazy easter outfit at work.

This episode dragged, I had to watch it like 3 times seriously just not interested. Love the show, but it’s almost as though you can tell the season finale is coming soon. However, gotta Diane hits the mark every time. Gary is a hot mess! He was literally the highlight of the show. There were a couple gems, the beets story and the reason Mabel made her man’s plate.

Stay tuned……..