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Superstore – District Manager

The new district manager visits and decides to make some cuts to save money; Amy and Jonah plead with her to not fire anyone and search for other ways to make up the money; Mateo struggles to prove his skills on the cash register.
Superstore - Season 3
Eddy Chen / NBC

Cloud Nine gets a new district manager and she just happens to be a woman, and a bitch.

The new boss, Laurie, spends the day with the employees to find ways to make the store more efficient and starts some drama.

For one, while trying to bond with her and get mentored, Amy accidentally gives away store secrets and betrays her colleagues. She gives away their weaknesses and their secrets. No one is more affected by this blabbering than Myrtle, who is the highest paid employee at the store and the least useful – according to Laurie. As Amy comments, since Myrtle has been there the longest, those 40 cent pay bumps have really added up.

Armed with the knowledge that Myrtle doesn’t work very well or very hard, Laurie decides to fire her. Or rather ask Glenn to fire her.

Superstore - Season 3
Eddy Chen / NBC

Before doing so, Glenn wants to give Myrtle the best day ever, and Amy & Jonah try to save money in the budget so Myrtle can keep her job. Amy & Jonah are actually successful in their endeavour and manage to save the store a shit ton of money. Unfortunately, after sitting through their presentation, Laurie decides that she doesn’t care and that Myrtle still has to go.

Glenn is less successful because it turns out Myrtle’s best day ever involves her late husband, and Glenn can’t resurrect people. The next best thing to Charlie? Driving a giant truck! Myrtle gets behind the wheel of a delivery truck and starts doing circles in the parking lot. When we come back to her at the end of the episode, she’s crashed the truck – it is sideways – and she’s having the time of her life.

At the same time, Mateo hacks into Glenn’s computer to change his UPM scores but then insults Star Wars & Star Trek so when Laurie tells Mateo how impressed she is with his scan scores, Garrett (who knows they hacked it and Mateo is bad) suggest a demo. It sort of ends without any sort of resolution though.

Lastly, Dina is trying to hide her pregnancy from the regional manager, for whatever weird reason. She tries corsets, giant boxes, and in the end, a fat suit. I guess it worked because Laurie is certainly creeped out, but she doesn’t know Dina is pregnant.

Superstore - Season 3
Eddy Chen / NBC

Superstore airs Thursdays on NBC

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