Do you enjoy things that go bump in the night? Are you a fan of the spooky side of life? Do you also love podcasts? Well, have I got the list for you! Here are three podcasts that focus on ghosts, ghouls, and other creepy things.

   1. History Goes Bump

History Goes Bump

Image Source: History Goes Bump

This podcast is hosted by two of the coolest ladies, Diane and Denise. I wish they were my chill aunts who took me on ghost tours. This podcast focuses on the historical aspects of haunted locations. Diane and Denise do their best to research the locations they cover very in depth so that they can try to connect the dots between supposed ghost sightings and people who actually had a connection to the location. The best part of this podcast is the Spooktacular Crew, which is a Facebook group created for fans of the show. Here, members can post suggestions for locations, creepy articles, or even just how their day is going because the group is very much like a family. If you want to feel like you’re sitting down with two friends chatting about a possibly haunted location, this podcast is for you.

    2. Spirits Podcast

Spirits Podcast

Image Source: Spirits Podcast

Spirits is a “drunken dive into myths and mythology”, which may be the best tagline ever created. This podcast doesn’t focus wholly on spooks, but they focus more on mythology. Which, can be creepy as heck. The hosts, Julia and Amanda, take their time to ensure their research is accurate and that they find resources that are credible when discussing myths from different cultures. I can’t stress how badly I want to be friends with these women. The energy between these two lifelong friends is truly amazing. They also have episodes where listeners submit their own local legends. Check them out ASAP if you want to hear two creepy, but cool chicks talking about myths from all around the world.

   3. Lore

Lore Podcast

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If you haven’t heard of Lore yet, first of all, where have you been? Lore is the podcast that got me hooked on listening to podcasts. This podcast is much more like a story being told versus two hosts discussing a story. Aaron Mahnke takes listeners on a spooky journey through various scary stories from history. Lore is so amazing that Amazon picked it up as a TV show, which you can watch on Amazon Prime, and a book series about the stories is being published, you can find the first book at all major booksellers. If you’re unsure of where to start with horror podcasts, please check out Lore.