Legends 315 5

Matt Ryan as Constantine. Photo courtesy of DC Legends TV.

Deadline is officially reporting that Matt Ryan’s Constantine is joining the team aboard the Waverider full time. The news comes ahead of a proper renewal, with the promotion going into effect for the upcoming fourth season—which is all but expected.

Matt Ryan has had several guest appearances in the current third season of Legends Of Tomorrow, and been granted a fairly meaty role in the proceedings.  So it’s no surprise that he is being given a permanent spot on the team.  Personally I’ve felt from the get go that Constantine is the perfect character to include on the team.  After his original show’s cancellation, the character has been drifting around in Limbo. A team of misfits with nowhere to go—and an empty spot on the team— sounds like the perfect place for him.

It will be good to see Matt Ryan have a constant place in the Arrowverse. While recently appearing in Legends Of Tomorrow, he first made his Arrowverse debut in Arrow‘s fourth season.  One thing’s for sure though, the more Constantine the better.


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