PUBG Mobile

Photo courtesy of Charlie Glear – TGON

That’s right, you read that correctly! Our beloved PUBG went mobile recently! Now, if you haven’t played PlayerUnknown’s BattleGround on console in a while, then you won’t have seen the latest updates they’ve implemented – you should definitely hop on and check out, because it’s improved by a lot. For those of you who’ve never even played PUBG, it’s very “Hunger Games.” you and 99 other players get thrown into a plane, drop onto some mysterious island, and have to use the resources around you to be the last one standing. You’ll find a plethora of weapons and equipment to aid you in your quest of achieving the infamous “Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner” praise at the end! All photos are screenshots I took directly from the game and…well…my phone, of course.

Air Drop

Photo Courtesy Of Charlie Glear – TGON

Regardless, a lot of patches have happened in the past few months, but nothing is more impressive than their mobile release. Available for free play on the iOS and Android systems, PUBG Mobile offers a different way of gaming through your phone. You can control everything the same way you do in the console-based version, though it’s a bit more difficult to access the buttons. There’s not much of a difference from console to mobile when it comes to general game operations. Now, I’ve never been a fan of complex mobile games, but this is great for the people who’ve heard about this game but can’t afford the hundreds of dollars it takes to get a gaming PC or Xbox.

Notice from PUBG

Photo courtesy of Charlie Glear – TGON

When you first open the app, you’ll receive a notice (as pictured) – but if you can’t see the image for some reason, here’s what it says: “To All Players, We would like to let you know that PUBG MOBILE is being released gradually through App Store and Google Play in many regions. The release is based on the time zone of each region, so please be patient. For more release information, please follow our Facebook Page or Twitter. [Signed] The PUBG MOBILE team.” Now, I’ve included their Facebook and twitter of course, in case you want to keep up to date with any of their announcements. I have to say, in terms of major games doing a mobile release, PUBG has done a great job of offering a smooth transition into the game. There has been minimal lag, and the game itself is constantly improving.

Loading screen

Photo Courtesy of Charlie Glear – TGON

What I find most impressive about the mobile release is that the graphics and designs are arguably better than it’s console counter-part. There’s more detail to the map and players, and it features a smoother, more consistent gameplay. What’s more is where PUBG has a simple Loot Crate system – where you earn points through playing matches that help you unlock new gear. PUBG Mobile is the same, but with each day that you open the game, you’ll also be graced with new prizes and outfits, without having to spend points. The best part of this fancy newfangled app? It’s absolutely, 100 perecent free. If this sounds like your kind of mind-numbing, time-passing, violent-gun-shooting type of game, then check your iOS app or Android Play store to download it! As always, thanks for reading!

8-Day Rewards

Photo Courtesy of Charlie Glear – TGON