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As soon as somebody on Ramsay Street decides to keep something secret from someone else, we viewers just know that eventually the whole thing is going to come crashing down in a huge way. When will the people of Erinsborough realize that keeping secrets never ends well? We should kind of hope they don’t learn, because if they do, things on Neighbours will get very boring judging by how many of the current story lines revolve around people keeping things from each other.

The proverbial hit the fan in a big way for Dipi and Shane this week, as Dipi found out that Roxy had kissed Shane and he’d decided not to tell her. As soon as the kiss happened, we all saw this coming, didn’t we? By not telling her, he made a bad situation about a hundred times worse, and now Dipi is living at Sheila’s, Shane’s heartbroken and Roxy’s life is getting to be a car crash to rival even Elly’s standards. If Shane had just been honest from the start, sure Dipi would have been angry, but it wouldn’t have blown up quite as badly as this – like I do when I’ve eaten too many carbs.

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The whole mess over at the Brennan-Greyson household can all be traced back to Pierce and Lisa keeping a secret from Hendrix for his whole life – that Lisa paid Pierce to be an absent father. For some reason, having kept the secret for close to two decades, Lisa suddenly decided that now was the time to start being honest, and now her relationship with Hendrix is even more fractious than it was before. Most of the time, I’d be an advocate for just being honest, but even I was questioning the wisdom of telling the truth after having kept something secret for that long. Surely at that point it’s just easier to admit to yourself that you’re a liar and just crack on with it?

Next to join the big gang of lying liars is Ned. Because he basically knows every criminal in Australia, he’s having yet more shady dealings with someone dodgy and he’s keeping it from Yashvi, which I think we can all already see is going to end badly. Ned has previous form for keeping things secret in order to protect his loved ones, but it’s literally never ended well, so quite why he keeps doing it is incredibly frustrating to watch. It’s just like when you open a window to let a bee out, and then have to stand there and watch it fly into the same bit of glass for several minutes instead of trying 5cm to the left.

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Then there’s the whole Elly and Finn secret. It’s Elly, so of course it’s all going to end up in some unnecessarily big drama that divides the whole family and causes problems for everyone, because if we’ve learnt anything about Elly it’s that she loves to make terrible decisions and then take everyone down with her when she crashes and burns. I’ll look forward to all that coming to light, because it’s going to be nothing short of spectacular.

So in short, honesty is the best policy, unless you live on Ramsay Street, in which case the best policy is to just lie your head off and hope for the best.