“The Girl In The Tower” follows up with the previous episode’s two big twist. First up Lucy and Regina team up after finding out that they both know what’s happening and trying to figure out what Dr. Facilier is up too. On the other side of town Hook, Alice and Henry try to find an alibi for Alice after she was found over the body of one of the witches in the hospital. In the fairytale world, Robin and Alice team up to stop angry villagers and subdue a troll that’s on a rampage — the same troll that actually saved Alice from the tower she was trapped in for years by Gothel.

I found it completely stupid of Lucy to leave her phone in her bag, when she made it a big deal to use phones instead of walkie-talkies to talk to Regina earlier, as she started snooping around Facilier’s apartment/hotel room. It seriously leads to the unneeded drama that could have easily been solved if Lucy had either A) Kept her phone not on silent or B) Kept her phone on here. What was great though was Zelena’s interaction into trying to figure out what Regina was up to, which is what Zelena is always good at.

The Hook, Alice and Henry story was actually the main story of the episode that featured the trio retracing Alice’s steps on the day of the hospital murder in “Knightfall”. This was mainly due to the fact that because of Alice’s condition where she doesn’t remember things, it made it difficult for her to even know where she was at all times. However Hook believed that Alice didn’t do it yet even though there was evidence that said otherwise.

Back in fairytale land, Alice and Robin’s story involved the pair meeting up for the first time and learning of their heritage and also learning that Alice has a special magical ability — most likely due to her mother being Gothel — that increases her luck and makes the most random of things to occur on her behalf. It’s explained later that the Troll that saved Alice was actually conjured by her due to her making a wish on her birthday of wanting to be finally free. This also leads to the random appearance of Emma’s yellow bug to save Robin and Alice from danger at the hands of the angry mob. Later on it’s also explained that Robin inherited the car from Emma.

By the end of the episode certain character beats were finally filled in for everyone. Like Robin’s whereabouts in the real world, Facilier’s actual agenda that is separate from the Witch Coven, and Ivy seemingly turning over a new leaf; becoming an anti-hero. Strangely missing were Jacinda and Rumple though. However next week looks to pick up on the Witch Coven storyline focusing on Anastasia, Gothel, Ivy, Rumple and Regina.

Once Upon A Time — The Girl In The Tower

Photo Source: ABC / Jack Rowand / EW