In bed, Amelia and Owen rave over their ‘no feelings, just sex’ relationship they’ve started. Owen admits, however, that he keeps waiting for the other shoe to drop, where the two end up fighting over the fact that he wants kids and she doesn’t.

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Sofia won’t get out of bed in the morning due to homesickness. She says she misses her friends and teachers, but Arizona knows she’s missing Callie most of all. Instead of sending Sofia to school, she brings her to work.

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Jackson pages Maggie to make out before their day gets hectic with surgery. He mentions their dinner plans for that night, and thinks about canceling their reservation for a more private setting. They open the door while still kissing, and their parents, Catherine and Webber, see the two of them. Maggie wishes them luck on their vagina as she walks away. (Catherine, Webber Jackson have their groundbreaking vaginoplasty surgery today.)

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Meredith cleans up their lab, giving up on the polymer and the mini livers. With Cerone having the patent, the finding, and now also having Meredith’s science, Meredith sees no way they could beat Cerone to development. Jo spent the night doing research on other polymers that could possibly do the same thing that Cerone’s does. Bailey comes in asking for interns, but the interns are in trauma certification today. Meredith suggests that Bailey take Jo, which she does. Meredith throws all of Jo’s research into the garbage.

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At work, Amelia reminds Owen that she had a brain tumor, and that’s why she changed her mind about wanting kids. Owen doesn’t think it’s fair that Amelia can just blame everything on her tumor, but her brain tumor actually was affecting her thoughts and actions for the past ten years. She becomes a little passive aggressive and brings up that even with her brain tumor, she never cheated on anyone.

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Jo tells Bailey about Cerone’s hold on the patent over a vendetta with Ellis Grey. Bailey says it improves her own odds of winning with her ‘anal glide.’ She’s trying out names for her colonoscopy game changer.

Bailey’s patient of the day is 66 year old Marjorie Kersey. A “big ass electromagnet” fell on her. Bailey quickly realizes that this woman is an astronomical trailblazer that she has looked up to since she was a little girl. Bailey asks what she had been working on when this accident happened. In essence, it’s a time machine. Jo is skeptical but Bailey is intrigued. Marjorie says she’s building it for herself because she wants to travel to the future. They run a head CT to make sure she doesn’t have a brain tumor anyway. Results come back clear.

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Jackson asks his mother if she’s ready for this surgery or if something is bothering her. She says she’s fine and they walk in to greet Michelle. Michelle notices there seems to be some sort of animosity between Jackson and Catherine, and says she can’t afford for her doctors to be distracted when it comes to her vagina. Jackson promises that they are all focused on this surgery.

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Arizona makes her rounds with Sofia. One of the patients, Liz, has a son with her, and Arizona has Sofia and the son head over to the couch while she gives Liz a pelvic exam. Liz has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, so she may be unable to carry her baby to term. Arizona describes her cervix as incompetent and opening when it shouldn’t be.

Maggie, in distress, finds her sister. Meredith asks if she’s dropping out of the contest too. Maggie tells her about Catherine and Webber catching her and Jackson making out, and how awkward she feels. Meredith didn’t know Jackson and Maggie were a thing, and Maggie didn’t know Meredith was dropping out of the contest, so they’re both confused. Maggie tells Meredith that she can’t let Ellis take this away from her, but Meredith is used to being disappointed by her mother by now.

In trauma certification, the scenario is that a Cessna crashed into a Greyhound bus. Owen says the EVAC helicopter is on its way, but April takes over and says that the EVAC helicopter has also crashed. Glasses aka Bloodbag aka Schmidt asks what the rules are. April says that this is real life and there are no rules.

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April is coming up with severe scenarios for the interns, while Owen’s a little less demanding. When Helm doesn’t immediately know what to do with her pregnant patient, April throws down a ‘deceased’ card. Owen tells April that the interns won’t learn anything if she keeps killing off their patients. April continues on the same, though.

Arizona asks Amelia and Alex about her patient’s child’s laughter. She thinks it’s sounds hollow and peculiar, like seizures. Amelia refers to it as H.H. She asks if Alex and Amelia can meet with the kid today. Owen comes in and asks to speak with Amelia. Out in the hall, he gets defensive over Amelia implying that he’s a cheater. Since Amelia told Owen to go to Teddy, he doesn’t think it’s fair that Amelia is considering that cheating. (Excuse me, but haven’t we seen Owen cheat on people before? Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.) He says Teddy was there when Amelia was refusing to be, and they have a history of being there for each other. Amelia realizes that their marriage never would have worked because ‘Teddy is Owen’s tumor.’

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April uses a hose to make it rain on the interns to add extra stress. Owen comes back and April says it was raining when she did her trauma certification, so it’s only fair. April gets paged to the ICU and hands the hose to Owen, who turns it off.

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Webber, Catherine and Jackson go over the procedure while scrubbing in. Catherine is passive aggressive and annoyed that Jackson hid Maggie from her. As they start to argue about what is and isn’t Catherine’s business, Michelle looks up and sees the distracted family. She walks out of the OR. the doctors walk after her, but she says she’s not letting them cut into her until they are focused only on her.

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Bailey tells Marjorie that a fistula developed while her liver was healing. Bailey also says that she’s worried about Marjorie doing all of this on her own. Marjorie knows people think she’s crazy for trying to create a time machine, but why not still try.

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When Arizona suggests to Liz that Noah’s laugh could possibly be seizures, Liz understandably starts to panic. After calming her down, she yells out in pain and Arizona has to rush her to the OR.

In CT, Alex makes Noah laugh by telling him dumb jokes. Alex tells Amelia that he’s just trying to hear Noah’s real laugh rather than the laugh caused by seizures. Amelia tells Noah that he and Alex are going to play a game called Statue to see which of them can keep still the longest. Classic. Once the CT runs, Amelia can confirm that his laughs are seizures.

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Webber is upset with Catherine for thinking Maggie isn’t good enough for Jackson. Catherine and Jackson head over to Michelle’s hospital room to apologize. She demands to know what they’re fighting about. Though Jackson doesn’t think it’s Michelle’s business to know, Catherine admits it’s about the woman Jackson is seeing. Delving deeper, we find out that Catherine is worried that it things end badly with Jackson and Maggie, she’ll take Jackson’s side and Webber will take Maggie’s side, damaging their own relationship. She tells her son that she wants him to have love, but she doesn’t want it to cost her hers. Later in surgery, Jackson gives his mother permission to take Maggie’s side if things between them fall apart.

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Owen asks Amelia to explain her thought process about The Teddy Tumor. She points to a brain tumor and says that it’s technically benign, but if left untreated, it will kill the kid anyway. Teddy was a benign love for Owen, but when Owen marries other women and Teddy is still there over the years, she’s not really benign and can kill relationships. Amelia points out that Owen is single now, and nothing is stopping him from telling Teddy how he feels and playing this out.

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Liz blames herself for not noticing Noah’s laugh changing. Personally, over my life, my laugh has changed so many times, influenced by new people I meet. Most people’s laughs do not stay exactly the same, and not noticing that change does not make her a bad mother in any way.

With April out of the way, the interns manage to save one of the crash victims. April comes back and Helm tells April that one of the interns is who paged her to leave. The fact that they cheated the system makes April laugh hysterically. She had cheated at her own trauma certification, and three months later, a patient died because April didn’t know what to do. April spirals about there being no rules in life.

Bailey loses Marjorie in surgery. Jo suggests that Bailey name her colonoscopy device after Marjorie. Bailey thinks it would be disrespectful, but then thinks of The Trailblazer, which would be a nod at Marjorie.

Jackson sees a spiraling April walk down the hall and pulls her into a room to talk to her. He asks her when she decided that they aren’t friends anymore and that he didn’t here for her. She gives him a hug and then starts to kiss him. Jackson pushes her away. Bitterly, April asks if Jackson will take Harriet for the night.

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Jo calls Meredith a wormhole for her mother. Ellis made mistakes thirty years ago, but it’s now affecting the future through Meredith. Jo reminds Meredith that her mother was a trailblazer, and would want Meredith to do everything she can to be a trailblazer too. Mer says okay and the two get to work.


Maggie is getting ready for her date with Jackson after work. She asks Jackson if he’s ready to go, but then she sees Harriet. She says it’s okay that they need to reschedule. She then says “the longer we wait to eat, the hungrier you’ll be” and kisses him.

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Amelia tells Arizona the cold truth: Noah’s brain tumor is inoperable. It’s too close to his brain stem. Their only possible course of treatment would be their new ultrasound frequencies idea that hasn’t yet had any human test subjects. Arizona is outraged, and Amelia asks if she wants to talk to the mother with her and Alex. Arizona says she doesn’t want to, but after a second she goes in with them.

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April puts the trauma dummies away and sits down on the floor, defeated.

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A taxi pulls up to Grey Sloan Memorial, and Owen gets in, heading to the airport to see Teddy.

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At the end of the day, Arizona tucks Sofia into bed. Sofia asks if she’s crying because Noah has a tumor. Arizona says that she just feels lucky to have a healthy daughter. She decides to take the next day off from work so the two of them can have a fun, adventurous day together.

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