Now I am not going to lie and say I am excited for these last few episodes of the season. Because I just feel like season 2 had it all compared to what we are dealing with in season 3. The meat and potatoes of the show seem to be just lacking. Character developments and plots that could be so much more are finished before they can really get started. So I don’t know, I am a bit skeptical. And once again, I have not forgotten some plots that were never finished/resolved. With that being said let’s delve into this week’s episode.

Here’s how it goes pretty much, humans doing stupid things for the internet and likes. 911 is called and one man ends up in danger from spinning too fast and too long on a merry go round via motorcycle. Crisis averted and everyone is saved. Then it’s back to the 118’s personal life. Maddie and Chim seem to be doing well. So do Athena and Bobby and last episode Hen and Karen are fostering a baby. Eddie is being a super dad and nothing has changed in his life after his wife died. But it seems like Eddie may be crushing on Christopher’s teacher. Meet-cute apparently, he can’t seem to keep his eyes off of her and he just lit up when she entered the room. So obvious and predictable. At least until Christopher has a small accident and blames his dad for making him believe that he can do anything. Mind you this is after Eddie pretty much blew up at the teacher over his son. I predict an apology off school grounds is coming.

Athena stumbles on an interesting case of a woman who had been shot but didn’t know. Now, don’t get me wrong I love her character, but she is not a detective she is a patrol officer, no? So, why is she investigating cases? Is it because she is a Sargent? But again she is not a detective so that part kind of baffles me. But she calls in Detective Romero and begins to interview the lady so they can investigate what happened to this lady. Right away things seem a bit suspicious with her husband and what is going on with the lady who can’t seem to remember anything and has constant headaches. So, are we just gonna ignore the fact that Michael is sick and the dynamic of their relationship has changed? And there it is the heart to heart about the dangerous surgery that Michael is refusing to have. But he talks his way out of it, thanks to May’s concerns but again what if it doesn’t work? Athena thinks that he should have the surgery. Anyways, turns out the bullet in the woman’s head came from the most surprising place.

So now everyone is in a dating frenzy including the residents of Los Angeles. Dating apps and meet-cutes and the 118 having dating issues. But this one rescuee just had to take a poop and it turned into a whole ordeal because the toilet overflowed. I can feel her pain but it is not that serious.  Poop before you go out. Everyone has dating problems but there is also a match for everyone. And thankfully her date wasn’t put off by her overflowing toilet situation. But Buck rags on Eddie behind the hot teacher he was crushing on. Which ends up being a heart to heart about Christopher. Buck offers some words of wisdom and basically tells Eddie that he just had to learn how to do things in his own way because of his CP. Not that he can’t do it but that he just can’t do it the way everyone else does.

So, dating goes horribly wrong for Josh and he was set up and beaten really badly and decides not to turn in the man who did it to him. He ends up going home with Maddie because he is too ashamed to tell them the truth of what happened. However, Josh plans to deal with it in his own way and in his own time. Meanwhile, Athena and the detective are investigating the shot lady. They in up talking to the lady and her memory starts to come back and truths are revealed. Turns out the husband was resentful of the wife and feels trapped so he shot her. He’s arrested and Athena is there to offer a few words of wisdom.

Eddie has a heart to heart with Christopher about things that he can or can’t do. But he lets him know that there are things that everyone is good and bad at doing. There will be things in this world that he is simply never going to be good at but there will also be things that he can do better than everyone else and he should not be ashamed of doing that. The forgiveness keeps going and he apologizes to the teacher and they have a heart to heart. They help each other understand how life is and how things can change before you know it.

The show ends on a very warm note with embracing change and starting fresh and not letting the past get you down.