Oh, Scorpion. Your plots usually stick to tragedies in the greater Los Angeles area, but whenever your story departs to another location it gets even messier than normal. And New Orleans was no exception to that.

Last week, Team Scorpion was hired to neutralize a batch of mosquitoes carrying a deadly virus by combatting the swarm with another, smaller bunch of mosquitoes. Of course, this took place in the bayou and, as is want to happen in this show, absolutely everything went wrong. Toby’s Mardi Gras beads caused the team to lose the container of mosquitoes, which was eaten by an alligator that could not be tranquilized. Instead, Cabe was accidentally shot with a tranq dart, and in an attempt to get him the antidote Toby fell into a pit of quicksand – and ended up pulling Cabe in with him to save both of them. Luckily, they were able to get the mosquitoes back and released in time to stop the virus, but not before Paige fell into the water and nearly got attacked by the gator.

Meanwhile, Patty got her first tardy, Sly still couldn’t ask Flo on a date and Ralph got an earful from Paige after his attempt to get revenge on Patty’s bullies. And let’s not forget that Walter told a “white lie” to Paige about a special lecture being canceled and asked Flo to go to a lecture with him instead.

TLDR; there was a LOT going on in “Gator Done,” and the episode felt completely overloaded with information.

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There were some points in the episode I felt did address important issues, namely Toby’s realization that he needs to grow up. Or, as he said it, “stop being a manchild.” And while I’m glad Toby got to this point, I thought it was completely ridiculous to go through the effort to put him in New Orleans and suck him into a pit of quicksand to get there. Couldn’t this have been addressed with something a little less dramatic like that bank robbery or another local issue?

Then there was the issue regarding “white lies.” Was it just me, or did Paige seem weirdly indifferent about Walter’s inability to figure out what a white lie was? Usually, she tries to put a little more effort into explaining an EQ concept he has difficulty with, but she seemed to brush this one off from the get-go. But Walter did eventually grasp the idea, and I have to be grateful for that.

HOWEVER. Walt’s decision to ask Flo to go to a lecture with him, after telling a white lie to Paige and saying the lecture was canceled, was not cool. I can’t be the only person who sees how this “white lie” is going to turn into a full-blown argument with Paige, right? A white lie shouldn’t include going behind your significant other’s back and making plans with someone else in the first place, but especially not if that someone else has kissed you in a dream. This isn’t going to end well for Walter, and quite frankly I doubt it will end well for Waige. It may not be a deal breaker, but it’s definitely going to cause a LOT of tension and I doubt Paige will be so flippant about white lies from now on.

Prayers for Waige, y’all. They’re gonna need it.

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On a more positive note, I have to say that I was overjoyed to see Patty get some more screen time and development! Seeing her walk up to Sly with that sad little expression and trying to refuse to tell him what was bothering her broke my heart, but it also reminded us that she’s still a kid. And Sly can totally relate to her difficulties, which we saw during his outburst in her principle’s office, which made their friendship blossom! Patty is officially part of the team after this episode…her hug with Sly made the episode 10x brighter, honestly.

(And let’s not forget that Ralph came in clutch by getting back at the girls who bullied Patty. Paige wasn’t happy, but good lord. The boy is crafty, and I am SO proud.)

Still, despite its better moments, I found this episode to be very…okay. As I said before, it felt overloaded with information, almost as if they’re trying to get as much in as they can before the end of the season.

How did everyone else feel about this episode? Do you think Waige is slowly – agonizingly – coming to an end? Comment below or reach out to me on Twitter with any thoughts or opinions!

The newest “Scorpion” episode, “Foul Balls,” airs tonight on CBS at 10/9c.