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iZombie “Brainless In Seattle Pt. 2” Review

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For a two part episode and a buildup of a pretty intimidating serial killer, they sure did catch him pretty easily. But I guess it’s because in this new zombie-filled Seattle, serious danger lurks everywhere, and most of it is nothing compared to what Chase Graves and Blaine Debeers are capable of doing. Remember when Blaine was a likable villain? He’s done nothing likeable this season. The latest terrible thing he’s done? Kidnap our favorite coyote, Renegade, and turn her over to Chase Graves. Who know WHAT Chase will do to her, but why would Blaine care about anyone but himself? And that doesn’t bother me…that’s what a villain is. I just don’t like how his character development is all over the place.

While both Blaine and Chase are big bads this season, the biggest threat may be Angus and the new zombie-purest cult he’s formed. He’s doing exactly what a cult so expertly does…attract weak people looking for guidance…and spewing hate and close-minded ideals into their heads. Everyone in the cult believes zombies are superior, humans are food, and Fillmore Graves is an evil organization. While the latter is definitely true, everything else they’re doing is pretty screwed up. I have a feeling, though, that this cult will rise and cause all sorts of trouble for the gang we love.

Speaking of love, as Liv wore off of her hopeless romantic brain, she realized that the most important love in HER life is the love of her friends: Ravi, Peyton, Major (and Clive, I presume). While I was half expecting Liv and Major to rekindle a bit while she was still feeling romantic, iZombie continues to confuse me and be unpredictable (but honestly, not in the best way). At this point I don’t even ship Liv and Major anymore because they obviously DON’T feel that strongly for one another.

I’m sorry if you’re a huge fan of iZombie, you’re still loving the episodes, and you’re going crazy reading my nagging reviews. I don’t know…I think maybe I’m just sick of the format? Please let me know in the comments whether or not you agree or disagree with my current annoyance with this once entertaining show!

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  1. Liv will have a new love interest..so Major and Liv can’t be reunited just like that..

    As for Blaine..he is a villain..what did you expect ? The guy was a serial killer in the first season..he is not the ‘bad boy with a heart of gold’ cliche..just a fun, opportunistic villain..sometimes with some scruples and a cute infatuation with a beautiful DA..

    As for Chase..he is not developed enough..i guet he is not a main character..but still he deserve a better development..it is a waste of Jason Dohring..who can play everything ! To make him a one-note villain..face to Liv team of ‘good guys’ is lame.

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