Hello and welcome back to The Resident! This week, we watch as Conrad and Nic try to get a patient admitted who seems to be homeless, while Devon deals with personal issues.


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It seems every Hospital has a charity gala, and Chastain Park Memorial Hospital is no different. Luckily, we get to see another of Mina’s handcrafted works, a beautiful golden yellow piece with a slit up to high hip. She is clearly out of her element, but when questioned why she is here, she bluntly says it’s because she is black. I love her spunk. The party does hit a hiccup when a homeless person walks in and collapses. Nic and Conrad get her admitted, where Nic notices a EKG patch still stuck on her. Nic thinks another hospital dropped her off. Bell notices and tries to get the other hospital to come pick up their patient.



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Micah comes in, from episode 2. Seems he is having a check-up, but while the doctors are checking his heart, he is checking out Mina, still wearing that gorgeous dress. Of course, she ignores his advances, but he does talk her into one coffee, to go. As they are talking, Mina admits to having feelings, but she is very career focused. It’s cute, though I did with Irving had more of a chance. Still, I hope they aren’t gonna introduce Micah and then for the season finale, kill him off. It would be a bummer.


Speaking of Irving, he returns this episode! He is treating a male escort, who ran through a window and got glass in his eye. The glass didn’t end up just there, but also in his lungs, causing air to escape into the chest. Luckily, Devon and the male escort had a very good talk. It seems Devon is, well, not exactly ashamed of his father, but is ashamed at what people think. Because of this, we see he is short with his parents, and avoiding talking about them. But, when confronted, he admits how proud he is, how his father moved from India and started his own Taxi company. It was heartwarming, and I hope we see his father more.

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Back with the homeless girl, Mina notices her bag, which is worth $148,000. Turns out she is the estranged daughter of a very rich family, the Ravencroft’s. The family thinks she is Schizophrenia, but Nic and Conrad do not. Turns out she has a disorder that is causing the blood to fight itself called Wegener’s. It is treatable, and the disorder could be the reason behind her schizophrenic actions. The parents are extremely upset, as they were trying to get her committed, but if they had, she would have died from the Wegener’s. She wakes up, fine, and reunites with her parents.

It’s a very good episode, and we saw some growth in the characters. Nic and Conrad are talking more, and we saw more of Devon’s history. I am starting to get excited for this series! Well, until next week, stay shiny my friends!