The Belchers are back with their first episode since January!  And it’s a ball-slappin’ good time.  In the primary plot, Mr. Frond’s idea of the week to bring the school together, actually works for once.  He introduces Gaga Ball, a kinder, gentler form of dodgeball.  Everyone but Gene and Louise love it immediately, especially Regular-Sized Rudy, who happens to be a champion at it right from the start.  Louise can’t stand that Rudy’s got such a swelled head over it, but he brings her around to the game’s greatness.  Finally, Gene is left with no choice but to beat Rudy at his own game and try to make everyone else see that not everyone plays because they want to.

The title, “Y Tu Gaga Tambien” is a reference to the early 2000’s Mexican soap opera, “”Y Tu Mama  Tambien”, which translates to “And your mother too!”  As far as I know, the two shows have nothing in common, but I always love the puns and references in the titles.  And just as a bonus pun, the Burger of the Day was Corn this Way, a reference to Lady Gaga’s “Born this way”, which is in itself a reference to the title.

The secondary plot, which has nothing to do with Gaga Ball or the title, involves Linda trying to come up with a persona for reading to children at the library.  She settles on Punky Brookster.  I’m just going to pause and let that sink in.  Ready?  Okay.  She ends up in kind of a reading war with the original reader, whom originally asked her to fill in for him.  It ends up going fairly well for her, until she takes out a switchblade and the police are called.  Honestly, I feel like this plot was only here to pad the script and really didn’t add much to the episode as a whole. Well,  other than forcing us to ask ourselves yet again, “What does Bob see in Linda?”

While it’s not the strongest comeback from a hiatus that I’ve ever seen, it did teach me a few things I didn’t know, like what Gaga Ball actually was.  So, if you’re curious about that, or just want to see a very relatable lesson being taught by a boy who trims shrubs into boobs, than you’ll enjoy the episode.