Photo Source: FOX // Brooklyn Nine Nine

Jake and the gang returned from their winter hiatus last week with hilarious episode that reminded me of how much I really do love this silly show.

Because Holt didn’t hold up his end of the deal with Seamus Murphy, Kevin (Holt’s husband) is in danger of being offed for revenge. Holt wants to be as cautious as possible, so he sends Kevin and a very willing Jake into a safe house…with some VERY particular rules. Never leave the safe house, don’t close the blinds during the day to alleviate suspicion (which means visibility is high and you have to crawl everywhere), no internet, don’t open the door with out a password, etc. Basically, a really dull time—made even worse by Jake, who brought all of his Nicolas Cage dvds to pass the time. No offense to Nicolas Cage…I actually do like National Treasure (or at least I did when I watched it 10 years ago). The apprehension of Murphy ended up taking the NYPD way longer than expected, so Kevin and Jake ended up stuck in the safe house for more than three months. This put a strain on Kevin and Holt’s relationship that worries Jake, so He decided to sneak Kevin out so they could both get some air. Sadly, Jake was too optimistic that their pervert costumes would bd enough of a disguise and one of Murphy’s men found them right away. In order to help his husband and Jake get away, Holt let himself be “captured” by the hitman. In the end, it was Kevin who saved the day by basically sneak attacking Murphy with a throat punch. No more safe house! Murphy and his crime ring have been captured!

As always, the rest of the 99 worked behind the scenes to help take down Murphy:

-Rosa got a perm and a bleach blonde dye job to get information from Murphy’s girlfriend. Gina fed her gossipy stories with her signature flair.

-Amy, Terry, and jigsaw chosen one Scully put together subpoenaed shredded documents belonging to Murphy to find dirt on him—including the secret place he was hiding out.

-Not related to the case at all, we learned Hitchcock has been married and divorced at least four times…and he dropped off one of these wives at college. Ew. Hitchcock continues to be my least favorite character. His skeeziness is not funny in the least.


It’s good to have the 99 back! I’ve missed Jake Peralta’s ridiculous banter!