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How to Get Away with Murder Review -“The Day He Died”

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Flashbacks and flash forwards have been a staple of How to Get Away with Murder from the pilot. In last week’s episode, we’re given more details into the night of Wes’s death and how that fallout leads to the door of a dysfunctional couple.

‘The Day He Died’ brings back all of the latent mommy and daddy issues Laurel has always dealt with, while bringing Annalise back into their nonsense orbit. Beginning with Wes meeting with Mrs. Carrillo (her dubious reasoning for a payoff being she wanted to protect them from each other), the facts behind who ordered his murder remained murky until the end.

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The other major problem the Keating 4 face this week is Simon regaining consciousness. With Oliver doing reconnaissance, it seems Simon’s memories aren’t fully intact and he only remembers having a major crush on Oliver. But as Connor reminds everyone, the brain is like a computer-it just has to reboot after a traumatic injury.

And reboot it did. Simon hires Tiegen to protect his interests and the crew panic even more. Michaela floats the idea of Oliver green card marrying Simon in order for spousal privilege to be in place. The idea is bananas but also not out of the realm of possibility for this group.

They are all, of course, bailed out by the quick thinking of Annalise. While Michaela annoys and stalls Tiegen in the hospital bathroom, Oliver gets a call from Annalise in to Simon. She gives him the information regarding a whistleblower visa-something that will update his undocumented status and protect him from deportation. He immediately fires Tiegen and hires Annalise. A complete 180°.

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With Laurel and Frank investigating her mother’s meeting with Wes, Bonnie keeps up with her own individual research on finding the missing Antares hard drive. Her Spidey sense goes into overdrive when an app that relays information regarding her car’s safety begins to give off odd readings. Allowing Frank to check the vehicle-and him finding nothing wrong-the fate of Bonnie is up in the air at the end of the episode. The final scene we see is a car, similar to Bonnie’s, upside down…and a body being taken by the coroner. Is she dead? Stay tuned for Thursday’s finale.

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