The December 29th combo of new episodes offers an emotional roller coaster, but also a satisfying end to the rift between Steven and Connie!

“Sadie Killer” is more of a filler episode with Sadue adjusting to life post Lars and her suffocating job at The Big Donut. She joins a band with Steven and the New Kids and we aren’t as overly fond of the episode and its songs in comparison to the other musical gems the series has to offer. The episode is a pass for us, but feel free to disagree!

Steven Universe – Cartoon Network

The real magic comes with “Kevin Party” where everyone’s favourite non-gem villain returns. Kevin shows up and invites Steven to his party as a means to get Stevonnie there.

While no gem drama arises, we do get closure on the emltional and too-relatable December specials. Kevin tries to help Steven win Connie back for selfish reasons, and while it is super cringy, it hits too close to home on a real break-up/fight. Just look at these Studio Ghibli stupe tears!

Steven Universe- Cartoon Network

the end we see our second favourite couple reunite (sorry, Garnet us fusion #1) and ride out together on Lion. Our favourite part is definitely that Lion came with Connie and gas apparently been on het side during tue feud (did Mr. And Mrs. Maheswaran let Lion stay with them? Outside? Imagine!)

Steven Universe – Cartoon Network


Special recognition to Connie’s new haircut and having the gang back together! And we can’t help but like that Kevin practically defeated himself, but Steven mentioning he thinjs Kevin had a bad breakup and is secretly sad was a chilling realization moment for us, and we are down for a Kevin redemption story if it doesn’t slow down the Diamond story anymore! We need action!

Steven Universe – Cartoon Network

Speaking of, a pair of never before seen new episodes come January 5th! We get to see space Lars, so don’t miss it!