Episode Synopsis:

When Reagan moves into the loft, Nick tries to “play it cool.” Meanwhile, Schmidt embarks on a soul-searching journey when Cece and Winston challenge his love of electronic dance music

Playing it cool

Reagan is officially moving in in this episode, and weirdly enough, I’m kind of liking her again. Her dynamic really jives with the rest of the gang, which is always a good thing. We see yet again, that Nick is freaking out about taking his relationship to the next level, so of course in some way, he has to ask Jess’ opinion about everything. He tells her that he’s trying to act cool around Reagan. And with that, Nick takes it WAY too far. He doesn’t pick Reagan up from the airport and decides to fake having to work at the bar, so he doesn’t have to spend time with Reagan right away. Making Jess super uncomfortable, she decides that she’s going to stay out of the situation. It’s already weird enough that she still has feelings for Nick, and now his girlfriend is moving in, and he’s wanting help with his new relationship.


The other issue going on in the Nick/Reagan relationship, is that Reagan and Jess go out for a girls night, and a secret is revealed. First off, I’m kind of liking Reagan and Jess hanging out. They’re always genuine with each other, even if they are polar opposites. But the big secret that is revealed, is that Reagan has a secret apartment that she bought, just in case things didn’t work out with Nick. Forgetting all about this conversation the next day; Jess thinks she spilled her secret about having feelings for Nick to Reagan, but with some help from Cece, remembers what real secret escaped. In a strange turn of events, Nick finds out about the secret apartment, and Reagan finds out about Nick lying about his bar shift, and the two get into a big argument. The only problem is, Jess got herself stuck in the middle of all of it. Since this happened, I can only wonder that in the future, will Jess get stuck in the middle of all of Nick and Reagan’s arguments? And will this lead to some serious problems, such as Jess comforting Nick about his relationship problems, and then his feelings for Jess come back? A girl could hope. We all know that if Jess says, “I’m staying out of it.” She’s not going to be staying out of it. Anyway, things finally get resolved for now, between the new couple, and I guess for now, I’m happy that Reagan is living at the loft. I do really like her, and I’m ok with her staying for a little while.

Taste in music

Our random second storyline has to deal with the fact that Schmidt likes Electronica music. After the jukebox breaks; thanks to Winston, Cece, Winston and Schmidt talk about their taste in music. Schmidt gets teased for liking electronica, because apparently it’s god awful. So then the battle is on between the friends. Could Winston and Cece show Schmidt, that anyone could create an electronica song, because no talent is needed? And if they can, Schmidt loses and gets shamed, and then the bar would play one of Winston’s favorite artists; Enya. Finding out that Winston likes Enya made me laugh, because I find that people who like Enya get teased usually (not by me, because I actually do like her music). As the day goes by, Winston and Cece create a funny electronica song, but do fool Schmidt, when they play it for him because he thinks it was created by Avicii. Instantly, Schmidt spirals into a depression and to cheer him up, the gang surprise him with the chair he bought at the store earlier in the episode. Like I said before, really weird concept for a second storyline, but we can look past it.

Favorite scene: I just had to throw in here that my favorite scene was when Jess was trying to block out the sex noises coming out of Nick’s room, when Reagan moved in. I died when I saw that Jess was cuddling with a hand vacuum.