Hello and welcome back, my lovelies. I do want to note something real fast- for the first time in 6 episodes, we now have a location for Chastain- Atlanta, Georgia. Pretty cool, always love knowing where a story is set, and it has been driving me insane wondering where it was located. Let’s go ahead and dive right into the episode, shall we?

r 6.3

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Mina is so amazing. I do not watch a lot of TV, but know of tropes, and think Mina is breaking a lot of the female doctor tropes you usually see. She is not cut throat, using her own skills to advance. She is her own kind of pretty, not classical, but not forced to be different to draw attention. She is strong, unassuming, at least outwardly, and kind, in her own way. I think I have a bit of a girl crush; Irving better watch out. Sorry for the rant- The episode starts with Mina almost getting mugged. Using her bag, she disarms her assailant, and knocks him out with a blow to the face. She then stitches up the wound she gained during the assault herself as Irving watches on.

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Conrad has serious Daddy issues. I mean, while at breakfast with him, he orders his meal to go. Later, while talking to a patient, he mentions how he ran to Afghanistan to get some peace and quiet. His father, Marshall, seems like a very rich man, and threw money around when Conrad was a kid. Now, the hospital is very interested in Marshall, or at least the money he might donate. Still, he retracts his offer, and asks where Dr. Hawkins is. Claire and Dr. Bell find out Marshall is Conrad’s father, and seems shocked. Dr. Bell just shrugs and laughs, but Claire sees it as an opportunity later. It turns out Marshall is planning on setting up his own hospital, and wants Conrad to run it, once he is done with his residency, of course. It would give  Conrad a chance to run things the way he would like.

Dr Edmund Carver is a surgeon that Claire wants to recruit for her hospital. The problem is he is very expensive. She sends Dr. Bell in, hoping he can talk the other doctor into joining their staff at a lesser cost. Everything seems to be going well, until Dr. Carver mentions the reason for leaving his previous hospital- He wants to keep track of surgical errors and mistakes in the OR. Of course, with Bell’s history, this would be bad, so he tells Claire, and mentions lawsuits and published papers on the subject, swaying her away from trying to bid for Dr. Carver. I really.. REALLY hope she still puts in a bid, and is the only one who will, making Dr. Carver accept. He is what the hospital needs.

r 6.4

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Clearly Nic and Dr. Silva have feelings for one another. I have been dating my Significant Other for 8 years, but I would never just grab the drink he is drinking and drink from it myself. Of course, Conrad oversees this, and becomes snappy with both Jude and Nic, which makes sense. This is drama build up within the episode. Later, when Conrad walks away from Marshall, Nic catches him, and asks whats wrong. When he plainly states the man is his father, and tries to walk away, Nic tries to stop him, pointing out he is cutting her off. But, he is. Because he still loves her.

r 6.2Jude isn’t the only one feeling Conrad’s wrath. Dr. Ben Wilmot and Conrad face off on a patient- Nigel, in for a twisted ankle, but with a mysterious disease, but it has been a decade, and he doesn’t want to test anymore. Conrad tries, asking for 24 hours, but while he is attending another patient, Dr. Wilmot, Conrad’s attending doctor, steps in, and brings in others to evaluate the issue. It gets to a point where Nigel has a seizure, and Conrad decides to ‘hide’ Nigel in the waiting room, knowing Dr. Wilmot would never check there. While hiding, Nigel talks about how his father made him run quite a bit, to toughen him up. Conrad realizes he could have median arcuate ligament syndrome, or MALS. Normally, your median arcuate ligament is in a certain place, but over exertion, or just bad genetics, lands it in the middle of an artery, making the artery pinched. this often causes eating issues, but is so rare, few people look for it until all other options are exhausted. Surgery is needed for treatment, but, since Nigel has a dance coming up, Conrad prescribes him some meds to stop the pain until after his performance.

r 6.5

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Nic asks Devon to watch Lily, worried Dr. Hunter is over medicating her. Devon doesn’t pay her any mind, being a big fan of Lane Hunter. After he starts talking with Lily, though, he goes behind Lane’s back, and runs a full panel. Turns out she is under renal failure, and the procedure, a bone marrow transplant, would kill Lily. When talking with Dr. Hunter after they stop the procedure, she just brushes it off like a simple mistake, stating she would find who messed up and fire them, and thanked Devon before walking away. This is not something easily overlooked, and Devon realizes Lane ignored the failure to bill Lily for the bone marrow transplant. Money talks, and if she passed, oh well, it was just under 40% chance of death.

Atiba, the boy who tried to mug Mina, as trying to get clean. Nic is hopeful but Mina is not. They meet with his parents, but it will be shaky. Since Nic is with Mina, Mina asks Nic to drop her off at her place. Nic follows her upstairs. It seems Mina is running an illegal clinic from her apartment, taking drug samples to treat patients. Nic talks with her, explaining they could take her license and visa, but Mina explains how her uncle was a doctor, and while visiting, had a heart attack. If he had one in the states, he would have survived, but they didn’t have the equipment, and he passed. She can’t stand aside as Clinics keep closing so hospitals make more money.

I think the show exaggerates the length hospitals will go to make money, but some of it is true. They rather test than listen, and closing free clinics because they make no money. I know far too many people in the medical field only because the money was too good. Few people really have their heart in it anymore. I feel for Conrad, trying to fix a broken system from the inside, and hope that is really happening. Well, that’s all for now. Stay Shiny!