“A New Season…aka, Suck it Cancellation Bear” & “World’s Best Kiss”

Whence last we saw our intrepid hero Galavant-and self-appointed BFF King Richard-they were on the lam with a merry band of pirates. Galavant’s desire: rescue his beloved, Isabella. King Richard’s wishlist: reclaim his throne (and his former BFF, Gareth). In true whimsical fashion, our heroes sang and danced the opening credits (while providing a boss recap of last season) while Isabella languished in captivity (betrothed to her preteen cousin 😨).

The series stayed true to its tongue-in-cheek, fun times of last season. We’ve gotten shirtless Galavant (Joshua Sasse) serenaded by guest star Kylie Minogue and King Richard (Timothy Omundson) followed by a unicorn because of his *ahem* purity of body. The beauty of “Galavant” is in its knowing exactly what it’s supposed to be: a frolicking time for 7 weeks. It’s meta and isn’t afraid to poke fun at itself (see the first episode’s title-an LOL and ‘screw you’ to Twitter user @thecancelbear). It makes irreverence work and it does it well.

We will see where this season’s hijinks leads us. Between Isabella and Galavant’s “worst kiss ever” (Who wants a musty and yeasty kiss? Not I!), to Madalena and Gareth’s bickering (Who makes a king’s guard an ACTUAL king?), this season will keep us in stitches. Livetweet along with us, Sundays at 8PM PST using #GalavantRides for more snafus and delights.