Original “Steven Bomb” promo by Amber Roger’s [edited and updated by The Game of Nerds]

After a long hiatus Steven Universe is back with another “Steven Bomb”, and this time Cartoon Network has actually decided to air commercials for it and do a little of their own promo  (for once). We were surprised to see a commercial for Steven airing during the last Adventure Bomb (yes, “a commercial”, singular, we only saw one commercial for steven during that week long prime time slot), it seems Cartoon Network might be warming up to the idea of promoting the “contrversial” (AKA current, topical, representational, and important) cartoon, but judging by their minimal effort we weren’t going to miss the chance to repost Amber Roger’s original Steven Bomb promo artwork.

So don’t miss the new episodes airing m-th on Cartoon Network at 7pm est. And also catch the newly teased season 5 premiere airing May 31st and June 1st with 4 episodes in two days.

And for anyone thinking, “Duh! This was anounced forever ago!” That us true, but even with Cartoon Network giving Steven a little but of marketing its up to fans like you and me to spread the word and make sure we bring in as many viewers as possible (casual fans, new fans, your pet axelotl), to make sure Cartoon Network keeps Steven Universe on the air.

For your view to make the most impact we recommend watching on the cartoon network app, which will have the episodes up early (they’re already there go watch)!