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The Magicians “Twenty-Three” Hopped Timelines and Broke Rules! [S3E11 Review]

While Eliot, Margo, Quentin, and Alice are political fugitives in Fillory, Julia and Josh team up (in an even odder pairing than the “unexpected” Julia and Fen duo), and were summomed via Tesla Flexion to timeline 23 (from their timeline 40) by timelime 23 Josh and 23 Marina.

The Magicians – SYFY
The episode almost exclusively follows their journey and felt a little more focused than the typical bouncing around fromat, and it was ncie to habe the time to more fully explore Timeline 23. This timelines is so important to our current timeline because it became a little more entertwined when Quentin summoned 23 Alice in his Tesla Flexion and gave her inspirastion and feelings that influenced her timeline.
The Magicians – Syfy
In timeline 23 magic is also shut off, because a shadeless 23 Quentin killed a god and absorbed their essence. He ends up imitating The Beast Martin Chatwin to rule Fillory (turning the Throne Room into a Fillory and Further collectors den) and abusing his timelines Alice (and eating a lot of magicians). Julia hones in on him havingtheir timelines 7th magic key, which he keeps in hopes that their timeline won’t get magic back. Julia’s benevolent demi-goddess powers help her shoot off a bad ass Rhinemann Ultra (a nice touch on her taking two attempts to cast this overly complex spell) which REVEALS it’s Quentin, and then also lets her throw her shade into him in an attempt to restore his humanity. We called it in the live tweet, and he commits suicide with the god blade and Julia gets her shade back (again) as well as that timelines 7th key.

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This episode did offer fun side jokes like ghost Margo and Eliot, and Julia restoring the wards around her timelines Brakebills, but the real meat was the journey for the key!

With that timeline “saved” Julia and Josh return to their timeline…with a few unexpected guests. 23’s Marina and Penny. We assume this is toset scene for season 4 in a few ways–we get a Penny that will take ours place now that he’s commited to the underworld library, nd this will likely cause issues later. Also, we doubt another timlines key will work properly to restore magic, and their may be implications to Julia dooming timelime 23 by taking away their key and hopes of restoring magic! Could it draw heat from the gods? Affect her do-gooder record and power growth? We are excited to see what happens in the final two episodes and how everything is building for seasom 4!


  1. After watching this particular episode I noticed that Elliot and Margo are have been thrown into the episodes like cameos. I’m not sure how it is with the books but its clear the those two characters are are favored among many fans. They have chemistry, drama, and sexual tension (not exactly between them). I’ll often drift way and imagine a spin-off of the two.

    Then again, with the exception of a few characters, this warrants spin-offs galore.

      1. Typos happen to the best of us, but i still followed what you meant and enjoyed the idea of a Margo-Elliot spinoff! Thanks for taking your time to comment at all

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